Nov 132008

I love playing with this cock slut.  I have such a good time making him My slinky slutty bitch!  Well, the other night we did some shopping.  IM shopping that is – on Dumb Ass’s dime.  Lol.  While Dumb Ass was snoring into the phone, I went corset shopping with My cock sucker.

I’ve been looking for lots of cross dressing websites, sissy sites, make up tips, etc for all My girly boys.  So we went to superdresses and had a great time finding slinky slutty things for him to wear.  All in all, we picked out such a hot slutty outfit to turn him into a cock sucking faggot whore!

We picked out gloves, stockings, shoes, and a beautiful satin corset.  What a hot bitch!  I just love making him My whore.  He gets so into being My cock sucking bitch.  I made him slink and crawl across the floor to My strap on cock.  I made him BEG for My strap on cock, and I rubbed the strap on all over his faggot face.

Eventually, I had him suck My strap on cock, I made him suck a real cock, I fucked him with My strap on and I had him feeling a big hard cock sliding in between his faggot hand and his satin corset.  It drove him crazy!!  Mmmm. But that was later on when he called Me.

While we were still IMing and Dumb Ass was snoring on the phone, we found the perfect outfit to make him into a girly bitch.  We talked all about how the satin corset should fit to give him that smooth, hourglass, girly, slutty shape.

So what was his confession?  Well, I’ve talking to him for such a long time  :), but I never knew that he had sucked tranny cock!  I got so hot when he told Me all about it.  He loved being a little cock sucker and loved being with a shemale, but was very disappointed that none of the shemales could cum.  My little cock bitch craves a big warm creamy mouthful!

I really got into hearing all about him being a true cocksucker.  You sluts know how much I get off on that.  So what I want to know is this.  I have had mixed reports regarding sucking the cum out of shemale cock.  Those of you who have been with hot trannys leave Me a comment and let Me know if you were able to get that sticky, sloppy, warm creamy cum!

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  3 Responses to “Confessions of My Corseted Cum Craving Cock Whore”

  1. This is kind of a quick and not-to-indepth explanation, but basically the reason some t-girls don’t cum is due to hormone pills. If she is really making the transition to female, she will be taking hormones. The pills will give her a more femine shape and also decrease her testosterone level. T-girls that have been using hormone supplements for an extended period will sometimes lose or decrease their sperm production. It’s not uncommon for some to also lose their ability to achieve an errection and even see a decrease in dick size.

  2. Thank you Jeffrey! I pretty much knew what you wrote about the hormones. I guess I was just wondering about personal experiences. Some of My sluts have told Me that T-girls can cum and some have said that T-girls weren’t able to cum. Curious because My corseted bitch REALLY needs a mouth full of cum. 🙂
    Thanks for your comment! *smooch*

  3. hi Mistress Jewel. just found your site, and look forward to a call. You seem PERFECT 4 me! i have twice sucked shemale cock in NYC, and neither they nor i came. of course i had gotten pretty drunk both times to work up the nerve, but they didnmt have such an excuse. then again, maybe i just didn’t suck them well enough. the second was tremendously hot, met her @ a club in NYC, 200 bucks, not worth it, but i still remember how she looked. i think she was hoping i’d have a bigger dick, though, she seemed disappointed it was no bigger than hers. maybe Thatms whay she didn’t cum. LOL
    thanks 4 a great blog, Mistress Jewel!

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