Apr 072009

The weirdest thing just happened!  I think I must be sending some sort of femdom ESP out to My cock sucking, vegetable humping sluts!

I was just IMing with faggot fiesta boy when he asked if I had anyone call who needed a pickle shoved up his ass.  I thought that was funny, so I IMed back that maybe vegetable boy would call and that I could make him fuck a pickle!  Don’t you know that about a minute later My phone rang and it was vegetable boy!!

It was the strangest thing!  So, of course I had to tell My vegetable fucking loser that I was just IMing about him. And, of course I had to incorporate a pickle up his ass into the phone sex call!

He has this fantasy about sucking the cock of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.  Hehe – what a loser.  Anyway, I told him I was just IMing about him and he was just as surprised as I was!  Then, I told him that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend would make him shove a pickle up his ass before he was allowed to suck his cock.  Hahaha!

I took full advantage of it too!  I told him how he would be crawling around on the floor with his mouth open and a pickle sticking out of his ass.  It was great.  Sooo funnny!  Then before I would let him suck the cock, I told him to shoot the pickle out of his ass across the room!  I really put him through his paces.  And when he finally squirted, I think he really would have shot a pickle all the way across the room.  What a loser!

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  One Response to “ESP to Cock Sucking Vegetable Boy”

  1. Princess,

    Now honestly, who do you know that would have better gaydar than me???

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