Aug 252008

Here’s the story I promised to publish in this post.  My loser faggot paid his fine for not obeying My every command, and so I am holding up My end of the deal.  Besides, this phonesex call is just too good to keep to Myself.Sissy faggot fucks his ass pussy with a zucchini

I’ll start from the beginning (more or less).  I got a call the other night on My feminization listing on NiteFlirt from one of My regular and devoted customers.  I could tell that he was ALL worked up about something.  I asked him what was up (hehe) and he comes out with “I have a new vegetable!”  HAHAHAHA!

I have to say that it was VERY hard to control My laughter.  I tried to compose Myself, but it took a couple of tries to stop laughing.  If you have been following My blog, you probably know all about the “Carrot Incident”.  Well, this is the same guy.  You might even recognize his other phonesex calls that I have blogged about.

Anyway, he tells Me that he bought a zucchini!!  When I heard this, I could just picture what had gone on earlier.  Of course, I teased and teased him about going to the store with a pathetically hard little cock in his pants.  I teased him about thinking about the blog post he hoped I would write and asked if he wanted his own dancing vegetable like this one.  I teased him about having planned this all day long!  You know I was right.  Loser girly boy HAD been planning this all day and had been fantasizing about this very blog post and most of all -he wanted a dancing zucchini.

Well, not only did he buy this zucchini, he shaped one end like a cock and the other end to fuck his faggot ass pussy. It just kept getting funnier and more pathetic!  I HAD to make him take a bite out of it to prove that he really had a zucchini.  And, just like the Carrot Incident, he took a nibble out of the cock / zucchini (cockcchini?) and it was hilarious!  I can’t quite describe how pathetic and funny it was to hear this nibbley munch, munch sound cum over the phone.  I went into hysterics again.

I had a great time putting loser boy through all of his paces.  I made him suck the zucchini and BEG Me to let him shove the zucchini up his fairy faggot fanny!  I made him say that he wants to fuck a salad and I called him crue d’ete (is that right? – yes, I took French, lol) ass.

Finally, I let him start to slide that zucchini up his faggot ass pussy.  And yep, you guessed it – I made him say “I’m so teeny I have to fuck zucchini!” over and over while he pretended there was a cock in his sissy ass instead of a vegetable.

You should have heard faggot boy’s voice.  He was SOOO hard and excited.  Needless to say, I immediately recognized how much he had been waiting, fantasizing and planning this.  So, of course I knew I could hang up on him and raise My rate.  I did that twice AND made him leave Me some tips, and he called back each and every time.  Loser.

I had such a great time driving My faggot bitch crazy and I made him do all sorts of things.  Then I told him to squirt on his cum eating belly and that after he squirted his sissy juice I was going to make him use the ass zucchini to wipe up the ‘sissy dip’ on his stomach.  LMFAO!!  He just couldn’t make himself eat his own cum off the zucchini that had just been in his ass (I would have let him use the clean end  😉 ). And that was why I punished and fined him.

I had a great time humiliating this cock whore and by the time we were finished, I had a nice little chunk of change in My NiteFlirt account.  It’s so much fun to be Me!

  3 Responses to “Shrimp Dicked Loser Faggot Makes Good”

  1. yes….its me……and this story is 100% true….princess jewel makes me do the most humiliating things to myself, and i can’t resist doing more, and would never ever think of disobeying her….she has gotten into my head and i can’t, nor do i want, to change anything….she is in 100% complete control, and i love/hate it! ….i have shoved so many different things up my ass at her reqest, that i’m running out of vegetables!….i worship princess jewel with all my being, and can’t imagine a life without her

  2. its me again……i forgot to mention what a useless little nub of a cock i have….its rare that i can ever get it up without the princess’ help…not that anyone would notice…limp or erect it pales in comparison to a real man’s prick…it is humiliating how small, hairy, and nasty it is…

  3. hot post. made me cum just thinking about you cumming on your belly with a zucchini in your ass. i t

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