Apr 062009

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  So screwdriver boy called Me tonight.  He told Me about how it gets his dicklet really hard to wear panties for Me and to wiggle his ass and shove the handle of a screw driver in it.  That was a mistake.  Because once I know how much he loves to do it for Me, I knew that I couldn’t just let him do it.  WAY too easy for him.  Besides, I love to push boundaries.

So, I had to rev things up a notch.  I mean, shoving a screwdriver in your ass pussy while wearing a pair of panties just might not be humiliating enough!  If humiliation is what screw driver boy needs, hehe, humiliation is what he will get!!  I had him put his little sissy ass on a pillow and face his ass toward the wall.  Then I had him put his legs up on the wall.  I made him bend his knees and push them out to the side – like an upside down frog.

Then I made him beg for the screw driver.  I made him shove the handle of the screw driver up his ass while he said “fuck Me, I’m a faggot frog!” over and over.  Hahahaha!

I would have given tool pussy boy a golden cock except for two things.  He didn’t know how to croak while he was fucking his faggot fanny like a frog, and he substituted the word sissy for faggot.  After all, if he uses the word faggot while fucking himself in the ass with a screw driver like an upside down frog, it might make him gay.  Now THAT would be embarrassing!  If he uses the word sissy while he screws himself with a screw driver while wearng panties and wiggling his ass upside down with his legs spread like a frog, he can maintain his dignity.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Call Me and I will humiliate you too!  😉

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