Feb 062009

Hahahaha!  That’s what one of My sissy bitches just told Me on our phone sex call.  That’s hilarious!  I asked him why not a Golden Cock Award and he said that he would work towards it and do anything I ask.  What a good girl!

I have only mentioned this panty boy once before.  The poor little bitch never had a blogSissy Silver Slut Award post of his own.  Well, I suppose saying “Princess, may I please pull down my panties and fuck My sissy ass pussy with a screw driver” will get him into Jewel’s Fools sissy blog!

It was soooo funny.  He could hardly contain himself.  I made him bend over the side of the bed and hump it with his panties in place in the front while he fucked that sissy ass pussy with a screw driver.  He’s too much of a wuss to get a cock to fuck, so he uses the end of a screw driver.

I had to humiliate him.  I mean, how could I pass it up!?  So I told him that in order to earn a Golden Cock Award, he might require power tools.  LOL!!!!  Then I made him say more humiliating stuff like “Nail me” and “Screw me” while humping the bed in his panties.

Between the sissy humiliation and the screw driver up his ass, sissy boy could hardly contain himself.  His voice was shaking as he twirled the screw driver in his ass pussy and humped the bed.  It wasn’t long at all before he creamed his sissy panties for Me like a good girl.  Hahahahahaha!

BTW – Don’t do this at home (hehe)!  I have told sissy bitch several times that it is not a good idea to shove a screw driver up his ass – even if it is the handle end.  I need your sissy pussies in tact so that I can fuck you again tomorrow.

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