Aug 092016

PPink Sissy Ruffle Pantiesink sissy ruffle panties are so ridiculous!  And so is this slutty sissy bimbo.  During My time taking feminization phone sex calls on NiteFlirt, this tiny-dicked gurly boi has come a long way.

There is nothing that this pink ruffly panty boi likes better than putting on his high heels and prancing around like a sissy slut in heat.

But, when he first started calling My sissy phone sex line, he could barely admit that he was a sissy gurl.  Now, after a long time, and a lot of My influence, he not only realizes that he is not a boy, or a man, or anything masculine, he also realizes that he never will be.  Hehe.

Plus, he now does what he never thought he would do – ever.  He slinks down to the floor, where he should be, and worships Mr. Cock, like a slutty, sissy bimbo.

Who is Mr. Cock?  He is the big, black dildo that this pink sissy LOVES to suck.  Not only that, but My tiny dicked faggot knows that even though he is plastic, Mr. Cock is completely superior and is much more of a man than any sissy boi could ever be.

Feminization Phone Sex on NiteFlirt with Princess JewelSo, if you are a gurly boi who loves pink sissy ruffle panties too, get down on your knees and call Me.  The sissy transformation of this slutty faggot has gone further than he ever thought possible with My training and sissy brainwashing.  Who knows what I will do to you!

Jul 082016

Hairy Fairy Sissy Faggot10,000 sissy faggots – omg!  I can’t believe it, but the other day, I took My 10,000th feminization phone call!  And that’s on My NiteFlirt Phone Sex Feminization listing alone.  If you add in My other listings, like My Cum Eating listing, My Cock Sucking listing, My Financial Domination Phone Sex listing and all the other ones, it would be much more than that – wow!

In fact, I was talking to one of My sissy faggot bois last night, and he said that he thought I have probably feminized and emasculated more men than anyone else in the world!  Lmao…  I love that.

But anyway, what I really wanted to do is to congratulate a very special caller – the sissy faggot who was My 10,000th caller!  That would be My slutty dress up gurl, who I sometimes refer to as My Hairy Fairy (among other things).

My Hairy Fairy has tons of slutty gurly outfits, stockings, platform heels and petticoats.  But the funniest thing about him is that every outfit has a theme, and that he makes his own very elaborate butt plugs to go with his ridiculous outfits!  Hahaha!

I usually watch him on cam, dressed up like a sissy whore.  I laugh My ass off as he stuffs enormous, home-made butts plugs into his sissy hole and then attaches feathers, or flowers to them so it looks like they are hanging out of his ass.  And the funniest thing of all is his tiny little button dick hardly ever even gets hard during all of this ridiculous faggotry.

So, thank you, Hairy Fairy, for being My 10,000th feminization phone sex call!  I’m looking forward to humiliating you much more in the future.  Hehe.

PS – If the Hairy Fairy has a pic for Me, I will add it into this post, so everyone can see what a silly sissy faggot he really is.

ETA:  Added pic of My sissy faggot Hairy Fairy.  Hehe.

Jun 062016

Slutty Sissy In a Trampy DressSlutty sissy fucks his pussy for Me!  Not only that, but My little feminized bitch went to the adult store to buy this trampy outfit for Me.  I, of course, also made him buy a cock for his hungry sissy hole.

I have to say that screwdriver boy did an excellent job buying this sexy sissy dress at the porn store.  Also, since he is now buying (and purging) Mr. Cocks to fuck his sissy pussy instead of having anal sex with his screwdriver, I suppose I should find a new name for him besides screwdriver boy.  But, nah… screwdriver boy is pretty funny, and sooo humiliating.  Hehe.

Screwdriver boy is becoming such a feminized sissy that he did a great job buying this outfit!  Turns out, he already had the slutty red panties from Vic’s Secret.  So when I sent him to the porn store to buy a slutty new dress, he actually thought about what would look good with his gurly sissy panties.

Just look at the way he is posing in this outfit!  Doesn’t it look like he is really enjoying wearing it and kind of working it for Me?  Lol!  Well, this outfit wasn’t the only thing he was working!

He also had a nice big Mr. Cock to suck and slobber all over like a sissy fag in heat.  He had so much fun being dressed up like My gurl and sucking Mr. Cock for Me.  But his favorite thing is when I make him fuck his hungry sissy pussy with Mr. Cock!

Once he works the cock into his sissy ass pussy, it never takes long for screwdriver boy to shoot his sissy goo.  He loves Me, he loves to get dressed up like a slutty sissy for Me and he really loves to fuck his faggy pussy hole with a nice big Mr. Cock.  He’ll never change… or be a man.  He’s just My horny, feminized sissy gurl, squirming and hungry for cock!

Jul 142013

Sissy Rick gets intimidated by a real man… again!  He is such a wimpy loser that just about any guy could fuck with him and he would never even fight back.  What a loser.

Ricky’s biggest fantasy is to be intimidated by a real man in front of the girl he can never get over.  All the real guy would have to do to Sissy Rick would be to order him to get in to the back seat of his own car, take off all his clothes and give the guy his clothes, wallet and car keys.  Ricky is such a wimp that of course he would do it.  Haha.

Then the guy would go inside the bar that Ricky’s car is parked in front of and tell the girl that Ricky loves exactly what he just did to embarrass Ricky.  He would toss Ricky’s keys and wallet over to her and tell her that Ricky is such a sissy wimp that he is naked in the back seat of his car, under the street light, right in front of the bar, humping the seat until he is told he is allowed to stop.

The girl that Ricky has always been in love with would grab the keys and wallet out of his hand, jump up into his arms, give him a long, deep kiss and say “I love what a man you are.  Ricky is nothing but a pathetic loser.”  Then, she would throw his keys in the bar’s disgusting garbage, so that Ricky would have to dig through the garbage naked to get them back.  And, to celebrate her new super-masculine boyfriend, she would buy a round of drinks for everyone in the the bar with Ricky’s credit card.

The whole time she would be laughing and kissing the real man, saying “I can’t believe Ricky is such a wimp that he didn’t even put up a fight.  I’m so glad to have a man like you to put Ricky in his place.  Let’s leave him in his car all night humping the back seat.  Every one who goes in or out of the bar will see his hairy ass crack bobbing up and down while he humps.”

Then, she would drink and dance all night, flirting with the real man.  Her panties would get warmer and wetter every time she thought about how easy it was for her new guy to push Ricky around.  Of course, she would go home with him and fuck his brains out while they both laughed about what a dorky wimp Ricky really is. She’d also have to get a nice little video of Sissy Rick humping the back seat of his car naked as they left the bar, leaving him there all alone with no money, clothes or car keys

Feb 102013

sissy rick needs to be humiliatedPathetic Sissy Rick has reached a new low.  He will never be a real man, so he just keeps thinking of ways to humiliate and expose himself as the pathetic loser he really is.  He is still totally obsessed with a girl who thinks he is a total loser.  In fact, she just married another man.  But, poor pathetic sissy Rick keeps hoping that they will break up and that maybe he will have a chance with his dream girl some day.  Yeah…. right.

So now, Ricky wants to be their gurly shopping gopher.  Ricky wants each of them to make him go out and buy gifts for the other.  This way, they will fall deeper and deeper in love with each other, all due to Ricky’s pathetic fantasy.  Ricky’s dream girl, Denise, will send him scurrying out to buy expensive gifts for her new husband.   All on Ricky’s dime, of course.

Since he is such a pathetic sissy loser, he will go right out and do whatever she tells him to.  Then, her husband, Tony, will make him go out and buy a beautiful, expensive gift for her.  Dumb ass Ricky will keep going out, buying them gifts to give to each other, spending all his money and acting like a fool.

When he gets to their house to deliver the gifts, Ricky has to take off all his clothes before he can even ring the doorbell.  What a pathetic dork!  Then, her husband, Tony, will answer the door and inspect what Ricky has bought for his hot new wife.  If the gift is not good enough, he will just throw it out, kick Ricky’s ass and make him go and buy something better for her.

And as they give these gifts to each other that Sissy Rick has scurried around to buy, they will fall deeper on love with each other and their marriage will get stronger and stronger.  All pathetic Sissy Rick will be able to do is follow orders, hump the lawn naked and keep hoping that one day a total loser like him will have a chance with the girl of his dreams.

What do My readers think?  Does Ricky ever stand a chance with her?  Or will he always be a laughing stock and a little bitch running around trying to please her?  Leave Me a comment and let Me know what you think!  Or just tweet this blog post, so eventually she will find out all about what a pathetic sissy Ricky really is.

Jul 262012

sissy sucks cockI’m on the phone with Sissy Dan right now.  He’s wearing a pair of silky panties and is totally desperate to suck dick.  He  is really wasted and wants Me to black mail his sissy ass into sucking a hard throbbing dick.

So I thought I would put his picture up on My blog and empty his account out tonight.  After all, he’s not a man.  He’s just a girly sissy cock sucker.  And since he begged Me to black mail him and fuck with his head, I just couldn’t refuse.  Doesn’t he look pretty in his wig sucking that cock?  LOL.

Here’s the picture of My little sissy fag that I took from his CL ad.  Maybe if he’s not a good boi, I’ll post his address and phone number too.


Dec 142010

Sissies and cock suckers spoil Princess Jewel for the holidays!  I love abusing My sissy and cock sucking faggots all year long.  But this time of the year is the time that you inferior male sluts can show Princess just how much you love Me.

You know that your little cocks squirt harder than ever when I turn you into slobbering cock whores, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure of saying “THANK YOU, PRINCESS!”

I give you the gift of the most intense orgasms your little dicks have ever had all year long, so now it’s time to give back.  Hehe.  Click on My Wishlist button and buy Me a nice little (or big) present to show Me just how much you love Me.

I love surprises and presents!  So if you enjoy the way I turn you into a sleazy, whimpering, slobbering, cock sucking girly bitch, then go ahead and start shopping.  If you don’t enjoy the way I turn you into a helpless little emasculated bitch, then go right ahead and click onto another page.  But, if you need to be My slutty little cock worshiper, covered and dripping with a creamy load of cum, then perhaps you should show Princess your gratitude. 😉


Princess Jewel

PS –  I love all My ridiculous little sissy faggots.  🙂  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!!!

Dec 112010

I’ve been talking to My crossing dressing sissy boy for long time now, but have never written about him in any of My blogs.  The horny little bitch almost never has enough money to call Me, but is always seeking My attention.  Well, I guess I have made him wait long enough.  Not only am I adding the horny little cross dressing sissy to My blog, I am giving him the coveted (coveted?  hehe) Silver Slut Award as well!  Lucky whore.

It definitely took him a while to earn it, but I think going outside dressed from head to toe as a girl with a vibrator up his ass just because I told him to should give him the honor.  Hahaha.

He called last week and went on cam for Me.  My horny little bitch was all dressed up as a girl.  He had on a wig, dress, stockings… everything!  When he went on to cam for Me, I couldn’t help cracking up because he looked so silly.

As soon as he mentioned that he had a vibrator there, I made him turn around and watched the cross dressing sissy boy shove it up his ass pussy.  How ridiculous he looked.  I made him wiggle all over that cock in his ass like the sleazy little girly whore he is.  And, oh yeah, I also took a screen shot of it.  Maybe I’ll publish the picture of him dressed like that too.  Lol.

After all that, he was so worked up that he actually screwed up the courage to go outside dressed like a girl!  It was just too funny.  Out he went in his dress, stockings, wig and, of course the vibrator in his sissy pussy.  He sounded soooo scared and soooo excited.  Needless to say, when it was all over, he had squirted himself silly!  So, if you’re a cross dressing sissy boy, hurry up and call Me too.