May 302015

Sissy Rick is so pathetic. What an idiot, sending Me this picture.  He is totally emasculated, with a bow in his hair, holding a giant sign giving all his personal information. Now he has to beg Me to take it down and scamper around, back and forth to his computer, to see if the whole world can see what a pathetic, emasculated, sissy loser he is.  Who knows?  Maybe a certain girl will see it…

sissy rick pathetic

Feb 132015

sissy rick in pink high heelsSome new pix and total humiliation for Sissy Rick.  What a loser Ricky is.  He went out and bought new high heels and a ridiculous gurly dress so that he could humiliate himself and send Me the pictures.

What a sissy loser.  No surprise that he will be all alone, naked, in his new pink high heels for Valentine’s Day while the girl he dreams of will be with her husband having hot, passionate Valentine’s sex.

All Ricky could possibly hope for would be that they would make him take off all his clothes like a wimpy sissy, put on his humiliating pink high heels and serve them drinks and snacks in bed so they can fuck all night.

sissy rick in a dressRicky would have to scurry around in his heels, like a jack ass, while the girl and her husband bark out orders to him and laugh.  If Ricky doesn’t do what he is supposed to do, or doesn’t do it fast enough, the husband will kick his sissy ass, throw him out of the house naked, lock the door behind him and refuse to hand over Ricky’s car keys.

How humiliating is must be to be such a pathetic excuse for a man!  Ricky is such a sissy wimp in his ridiculous new gurly outfits.  I think I’ll post his pictures all over the internet so he will never be able to get a date again.

Nov 302014

Sissy Rick Is A TOTAL Loser.  He has reached new levels of stupidity tonight.  As you may know, one of My customers was in trouble with Me for not paying a debt as he promised.  Each day that went by, he owed Me more and more money.  He made lots of payments, but the interest I was charging him kept adding up.

I happened to mention this to Ricky and Ricky said that he is so pathetic that he would pay the debt of My customer.  In return, I would give my customer all of Ricky’s information to post anywhere or give to anyone.  Or maybe, he would do nothing at all with it and Ricky would wind up getting nothing.  Hahaha.  Of course, in order to pay off my customer’s debt, Ricky is such a loser that he had to pay twice as much as he actually owed.

Not only did Ricky have the privilege of paying for nothing, now, I am going to post all of his personal information, including his credit card number.  Any of you horny losers out there can take his credit card number and try to use it to call Me on NiteFlirt. Ricky will have to watch My call button go to Busy and wonder who is talking to Me and how much it will cost him.  In fact, if you email Me before calling using his card, I’ll raise My rate so that Ricky will have to pay even more for other sissy losers to talk to Me while he sits at home, alone, naked wondering what is going on.

Ricky K*******

**** ******* Drive

****** ******, Indiana


Master Card #: **** **** **** ****, Exp date: **/**/**

Edit:  Maybe I’ll put everything back up tomorrow.  😉


Mar 312014

My pencil dicked sissy loser has been on a roll lately.  He is obsessed with wanking his pathetic little pencil dick and edging over and over for hours.  Of course, this makes him weak and soooo easy for Me to take advantage of.  But honestly, I think he’s just weak and easy to take advantage of to begin with.

This sissy loser is also obsessed with My blog.  In fact, he is so obsessed with Me and My blog that he wanted to ‘squirt in a skirt’ (hahaha) and pose just like My little sissy boi in this pic.  We made up a sissy song about how he is going to wank his pathetic pencil dick until he squirts in a skirt!  And since I know that reading about himself is going to bring him endless wankage, I made sure to charge him lots of money just to write this post.  Lol – what a loser!

I have had pencil boi do sooooo many pathetic things on cam for Me too.  Since he is in his 20’s and is still a virgin, he needs someone to suck his pathetic pencil dick.  Unfortunately, the only one he can find is himself.  So, I had him go on cam and make lip to pencil contact – or, in other words, suck his own dick.  It was hilarious!  Now any time I tell him to make ‘lip to pencil contact’ he goes crazy.

I also make him ‘tuck and prance’.  I make this total sissy loser go on cam, tuck his useless sissy stick between his legs and prance around like he has a pussy crack instead of a pathetic excuse for a dick.  It’s so ridiculous and humiliating for him and so incredibly funny for Me (which is what is most important).  The top pic is one of My pathetic pencil dicked sissy loser tucked and prancing from behind.

Anyway, since he is completely addicted to Me, I plan on taking all his money, all his masculinity and all of his dignity.  He will never get Me out of his head and will always be My addicted, humiliated, pencil dicked sissy loser!

Oct 202013

sissy rick wearing an apronYes, Sissy Rick is still a jack ass and a loser – and now he is wearing an apron.  He finally sent Me some new pix the other night so that I could expose and humiliate him.  But what he truly wants is to be exposed to the girl who he is still in love with, hardly knows he exists and thinks he is a loser.

In fact, all girls in North West Indiana, where Ricky lives, should be warned about how pathetic he is.  After all, a guy who poses for pictures naked, except for pink leg warmers and an apron deserves to be humiliated.

It would be Ricky’s dream come true if I sent this picture of him to the girl he can’t get over.  She would take one look at it and laugh her ass off at how pathetic Ricky is (as if she doesn’t already know).

Then, she could use the picture to hold over Ricky’s head and get him to do all sorts of embarrassing things.  She could have Ricky wear the apron and pink leg warmers and have him clean her house while she and her hot stud of a husband go into the bedroom and fuck.  Ricky could prance around wearing his ridiculous outfit, cleaning the house and trying to hear her fucking her husband.  I think there might be a little tent under Sissy Rick’s pretty new apron – maybe even a wet spot on the front.

Every once in a while, she or her husband would call out “Hurry up, loser and make sure you get everything squeaky clean.”  Then all Ricky would hear again for a while would be moaning and laughing while they fuck.

Ricky would probably be so excited while he was scurrying around doing all the chores in his sissy leg warmers and apron that he wouldn’t realize that they were finished fucking and that she was secretly taking lots of new pix!  She would be watching him in his ridiculous gurly outfit, with his pathetic little hard on and would be taking new pictures and sending them out to all her friends.  She and her hot stud husband would be laughing at Ricky the whole time.  How pathetic!

Sissy Rick will never change!  He should wear his pink leg warmers and apron every day so that he never, ever thinks he is a man (and neither will any girls who meet him – he’ll never get a date again).

Jul 142013

Sissy Rick gets intimidated by a real man… again!  He is such a wimpy loser that just about any guy could fuck with him and he would never even fight back.  What a loser.

Ricky’s biggest fantasy is to be intimidated by a real man in front of the girl he can never get over.  All the real guy would have to do to Sissy Rick would be to order him to get in to the back seat of his own car, take off all his clothes and give the guy his clothes, wallet and car keys.  Ricky is such a wimp that of course he would do it.  Haha.

Then the guy would go inside the bar that Ricky’s car is parked in front of and tell the girl that Ricky loves exactly what he just did to embarrass Ricky.  He would toss Ricky’s keys and wallet over to her and tell her that Ricky is such a sissy wimp that he is naked in the back seat of his car, under the street light, right in front of the bar, humping the seat until he is told he is allowed to stop.

The girl that Ricky has always been in love with would grab the keys and wallet out of his hand, jump up into his arms, give him a long, deep kiss and say “I love what a man you are.  Ricky is nothing but a pathetic loser.”  Then, she would throw his keys in the bar’s disgusting garbage, so that Ricky would have to dig through the garbage naked to get them back.  And, to celebrate her new super-masculine boyfriend, she would buy a round of drinks for everyone in the the bar with Ricky’s credit card.

The whole time she would be laughing and kissing the real man, saying “I can’t believe Ricky is such a wimp that he didn’t even put up a fight.  I’m so glad to have a man like you to put Ricky in his place.  Let’s leave him in his car all night humping the back seat.  Every one who goes in or out of the bar will see his hairy ass crack bobbing up and down while he humps.”

Then, she would drink and dance all night, flirting with the real man.  Her panties would get warmer and wetter every time she thought about how easy it was for her new guy to push Ricky around.  Of course, she would go home with him and fuck his brains out while they both laughed about what a dorky wimp Ricky really is. She’d also have to get a nice little video of Sissy Rick humping the back seat of his car naked as they left the bar, leaving him there all alone with no money, clothes or car keys

May 302013

sissy rick worlds biggest loserSISSY RICK  is definitely the WORLD’S BIGGEST WIMP!  He is such a wimp that he has to answer to all other wimps, no matter how pathetic they are.

Ricky’s old girlfriend, who really doesn’t even know he exists anymore should find a totally pathetic dork with thick glasses, buck teeth and a pocket protector for Ricky to serve while she and her new husband watch him and laugh.

Ricky can prance around naked in front of them all and, of course, he has to address this other wimpy loser as “Sir”.  Ricky  will wash his car naked wearing his pretty pink high heels while the dorky guy, Ricky’s old girlfriend and her husband order him around, tell him what a wimp he is and laugh hysterically.

Ricky can bend over naked in his high heels while he is vacuuming out the dork’s car, stick his ass out and beg the dork to kick his ass.  Since Ricky is the world’s biggest wimp, the dork will have no trouble beating him up.

Then everyone can laugh at how pathetic Ricky really is, while he finishes washing the car in his high heels, with a bruised butt and a pathetically hard little dick.

Feb 102013

sissy rick needs to be humiliatedPathetic Sissy Rick has reached a new low.  He will never be a real man, so he just keeps thinking of ways to humiliate and expose himself as the pathetic loser he really is.  He is still totally obsessed with a girl who thinks he is a total loser.  In fact, she just married another man.  But, poor pathetic sissy Rick keeps hoping that they will break up and that maybe he will have a chance with his dream girl some day.  Yeah…. right.

So now, Ricky wants to be their gurly shopping gopher.  Ricky wants each of them to make him go out and buy gifts for the other.  This way, they will fall deeper and deeper in love with each other, all due to Ricky’s pathetic fantasy.  Ricky’s dream girl, Denise, will send him scurrying out to buy expensive gifts for her new husband.   All on Ricky’s dime, of course.

Since he is such a pathetic sissy loser, he will go right out and do whatever she tells him to.  Then, her husband, Tony, will make him go out and buy a beautiful, expensive gift for her.  Dumb ass Ricky will keep going out, buying them gifts to give to each other, spending all his money and acting like a fool.

When he gets to their house to deliver the gifts, Ricky has to take off all his clothes before he can even ring the doorbell.  What a pathetic dork!  Then, her husband, Tony, will answer the door and inspect what Ricky has bought for his hot new wife.  If the gift is not good enough, he will just throw it out, kick Ricky’s ass and make him go and buy something better for her.

And as they give these gifts to each other that Sissy Rick has scurried around to buy, they will fall deeper on love with each other and their marriage will get stronger and stronger.  All pathetic Sissy Rick will be able to do is follow orders, hump the lawn naked and keep hoping that one day a total loser like him will have a chance with the girl of his dreams.

What do My readers think?  Does Ricky ever stand a chance with her?  Or will he always be a laughing stock and a little bitch running around trying to please her?  Leave Me a comment and let Me know what you think!  Or just tweet this blog post, so eventually she will find out all about what a pathetic sissy Ricky really is.

Feb 032013


Sissy Rick is still as pathetic as ever!  Some things never change.  I’m on the phone with him right now, and he is begging Me to humiliate him, embarrass him and boss him around like the pathetic loser wimp that he is.

Ricky is still obsessed with this girl he has known for a loooong time.  Ricky would be so embarrassed if she found out that he has been obsessed with her for years.  He’s is such a loser that he will never get a date, so he just sits home wanking about her all the time.  She would laugh hysterically if she knew the truth.

So, I think all My bitches should tweet this blog post and post it to Facebook and any other site that you can think of.  This way, every one will know what a loser Sissy Rick really is.  When she finds the truth out about Ricky, she will have so much fun taking advantage of him, laughing at him and having her new husband kick his ass.

Once she knows all about Ricky’s obsession, Ricky’s ultimate fantasy will probably cum true.  Her husband will make him mow the lawn naked, wash the car wearing only pink high heels and hump the lawn while they are having a big Super Bowl party.

And when you tweet this post, don’t forget to mention that Ricky likes to give blow jobs. naked in pink heels, 24/7.  She will really laugh at that.

Jan 232012

wimpy sissy loserSissy Rick is still a sissy loser wimp (duh).  He is so desperate for a certain girl to notice him, but she never gives him the time of day.  That’s because he’s so pathetic.  He would to anything to humiliate himself in front of her and her boyfriend, so here is a list of things this sorry excuse for a man will pay her to be allowed to do:

  •  Humping her lawn naked…  $25
  • Removing her boyfriend’s clothes…   $35
  • Ricky has to pay every time she fucks a real man…  $50
  • Washing her boyfriend’s car while naked, wearing pink flip flops…  $20
  • Buying every one in her favorite bar drinks while he is forced to stand around naked in high heels like a sissy loser…  $25 + cost of drinks
  • Serving her and her boyfriend breakfast in bed right after they fuck…  $40
  • Mowing her boyfriend’s lawn, naked in high heels…  $30
  • Speaking to her on the phone…  $10
  • Leave her a voice mail or send her a text… $5
  • Receiving a text from her…  $5
  • Doing all her chores and laundry while wearing a maid’s outfit, while she fucks her boyfriend…  $60
  • Being the ‘towel girl’ at her workplace…  $50
  • Being allowed to pay for her and her boyfriend to go on vacation…  $100 + the cost of the vacation (first class all the way – Ricky will be the gopher for them while they are away)
  • Being in her presence and not being allowed to touch his little Ricky sticky…  $50
  • Hand washing her boyfriend’s dirty underwear…  $10/pair
  • Blowing her boyfriend…  $75
  • Jerking off while outside, naked, wearing high heels, in front of her and her boyfriend and all their friends…  $250
  • Jerking off while outside, naked, wearing high heels, in front of her and her boyfriend and all their friends and not being allowed to squirt…  $300
  • Being forced out of the car naked and made to walk home in high heels…  $45

Ricky is so pathetic he will do anything that she tells him to.  He’s been drooling over her for years now, but she always ignores him.  Hahaha.  I guess it’s because he is suck a dork.  She knows that he is a wimpy sissy loser and that he will do anything she tells him to, no matter how humiliating.