Dec 072016

Free Holiday Message for Submissive MenFREE Holiday MP3 just for My devoted, submissive men. Well, you know… “men.”

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Have a fun, sexy, naughty holiday season and 2017!

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Princess Jewel

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Jun 052016

Financial Domination MP3Financial Domination MP3! You are always horny and wanking and you need to be My cash cow. Your horny dick makes you so weak and is constantly looking for new ways to have your wallet drained and be turned into My money slave.

My FinDom audio recording will help you fill the desperate need you have to be My human cash machine and will turn you into the horny worker-wanker who pays for My extravagant lifestyle.

Start networking so that you can earn more money and buy Me new outfits to look hot in, send Me on vacations and be My addicted pay pig.  Put your horny nose to the grindstone so that I can go out and spend your money without a care in the world!


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5 minutes and 59 seconds of sexy, bratty financial domination.

Financial Domme Fetish Audio Recording

Apr 272016

Emasculating FinDom AudioEmasculating FinDom Audio.  We both know that you are severely lacking in the masculinity department.  And we both know that you are an inferior bitch.  So if you want Me to acknowledge your existence, be prepared to fork over your money.

In this femdom mp3 I will tell you that your manhood is rather lacking and that there is no way that I would give you the time of day unless you are paying Me.  It gives you such a perverted thrill to know that I only want to use you for your cash and that all I have to do is mock you to get it.

So be a good little pay pig and buy this FinDom MP3.  Be prepared to meet My demands for your cash and forget thinking you are any sort of a real man again.


AUDIO EFFECTS: No effects.  Only My alluring voice demanding your cash and eliminating your manhood.

6 minutes and 54 seconds of exquisite FinDom emasculation.

Emasculating FinDom MP3

Dec 182015

FREE emasculating MP3 just for My devoted sissy faggots. Click on the link below to hear My emasculating holiday message. In fact, you should listen to it several times, then send Me a tribute to thank Me for emasculating you all year long!

FREE emasculating mp3


Have a naughty holiday season and 2016! You know you will when I have anything to do with it.

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Princess Jewel

My HOT Emasculating MP3s

Oct 152011

sissy faggot humiliationNaughty bois who don’t follow  My instructions get what they deserve – sissy faggot humiliation!  You may have noticed this girly boi getting punished in a recent blog post of Mine.  Well, here we go again.

Pretty Darla contacted Me last night begging Me to force him to get a cock sucking date for tonight.  Of course, I was happy to oblige.  Hehe.  I love emasculating this sissy faggot.  He thinks that he can be a man because girls seem to like him.  But, the real truth is that he is not a man, and never will be.  His pretty face is much better as a girl – don’t you think so?  And, besides, if any of the girls who like him knew that I have pictures of him with a dick in his mouth, I don’t think they would give this faggot cock sucker the time of day.

So, anyway, the entire day has gone by and I have had no word from Darla the sissy boy.  I messaged him several times, but haven’t heard back from him.  So, what’s a Princess to do?

I’ll just have to expose him, that’s all!  The poor little cock obsessed, cross dressing panty boy is going to get outed, little by little, right here in My blog.  That is, unless, he starts sucking a big cock, or makes it up to Me in some other way.  😉  Maybe if he pays a nice big fine, I’ll consider forgiving him.  But first, I’ll have to fuck with his head and completely humiliate the little sissy faggot.  Hehe.

Jul 152009

I had so much fun fleecing dumb ass again last night.  It’s just so easy to use and manipulate him.  The blog post about how I used him as My horny money pig is all written and ready to be published, but he has to do something first.  You know what it is, Davey Dumb Ass.  Be a good girl and take care of it.  Then I will publish your financial domination post and the whole world will know what a loser you really are.

May 092009

Question:  How long does it take a hot Princess like Me to get $101.03 out of a pathetic loser’s NiteFlirt account?

Answer:  Exactly 27 minutes.

Actually, it cost him a lot more.  The $101.03 is My cut.  I don’t really care how much it cost him.  Hahahaha!  He is lucky too.  I really could have helped Myself to much more of his money.  This is only the beginning of sucking him back in.  Tequila and NiteFlirt are such a stupid combination for cock sucking losers and money pigs.  Next time I’ll know not to mention giving Me his credit card when he is so close to squirting, cause that sent him over the edge (at $9.99/min).  So instead, I’ll mention it now.

Dumb Ass, be a good girl and send Me your credit card number, expiration date and 3 digit code from the back.  Oh yeah, to really ruin you I’ll also need your full name and address.  While your at it, throw in your wife’s cell phone number – but that is not absolutely necessary.  Hahaha!

But don’t worry.  I won’t go too crazy.  Otherwise the credit card company will decline the charges.  I’ll just help Myself to an Amazon gift card here and a Victoria’s Secret gift card there, and when I’m feeling grumpy, a nice big gift card from Zale’s Jewelers will cheer Me right up.

This way, I’ll pace the financial drain and wallet rape nice and slow.  Slow and steady that is.  And long term too.  Pathetic faggot Dumb Ass will never know what to expect or when!  Hehe!

Nov 032008

I was just reading through some of My phone sex feedback on NiteFlirt and figured that since this is a new blog I would share some of it with you.  I just love controlling you horny sluts and really getting into your heads to find out just what your triggers are.  Hee, hee.  Then you are My addicted sluts for life!

Here are a couple of recent feedbacks that I particularly like:

“My resistance is essentially gone and has been replaced by acceptance. As I am drawn deepeer into the events of our sessions, I cum more explosively each time.”

“Amazing call, as always. I’ve given up any hope of resisting Princess. When I’m not talking with her, I’m thinking about talking with her.”

I love torturing him.  I can hear in his voice the combination of humiliation and undeniable ecstasy as I take him deeper and deeper.  Knowing that he is completely under My control and that I am making him more and more of a sissy bitch is HOT!

Sissy Phone Sex with Princess Jewel

Then there’s this guy:

“Raised the rate and made me take my shorts off in the hotel hall and start jerking off for her”

“when all was said and done–Jewel had taken another $700 from me and made me cum all over the dictionary in the room down the hall…on the page that said “loser”…I smeared it and then wiped the rest on my face for Jewel…and left it there all night. I’m telling you–she is creative and will make you forget about $$$ completely once you hear her voice and laugh!! I amd a Fool for Jewel Forever!!”

I have a great time abusing him.  Not only is he a sissy faggot, he is also a money pig, so that makes it even more fun for Me.  Not only do I get to strip this cock sucker of his pride and masculinity, I strip him of all his cash too.  Lol!

So, call Me if you dare, sissy bitch.  I think we will have a VERY good time. 

Sep 182008

Hello Bitches!  Have you missed Me?  I’ve been on NiteFlirt just about every night, but I am way behind on My blogging.  I have soooo much to tell you!

I’ll start with My pathetic little pay pig.  Loser boy called Me again last night – drunk and horny and needing to be abused.  Well, how could I say no?  Lol.  Of course I used him.  Of course I drained his wallet.  And of course when I was done, sent him a mail saying that I will be taking more.  Hahaha!

The things I did to this fool last night were really funny.  I hung up on him a few times and kept raising My rate.  Hee, hee.  I finally wound up at $10/minute and kept him on the phone for a couple of hours.  Dumb ass.

I kept telling him to look between his faggot legs at his little dicklet and say to it “you’re ridiculous!” He is a slave to that ridiculous dicklet and that ridiculous dicklet is a slave to ME!  By the end of the night, I named that pathetic cock Little Miss Ridiculous!  Hahahaha!

Plus, I made him tell Me whose cock he wants to suck from work.  I told him whenever he sees this guy, he has to check it out and see what kind of cock he has.  He has to imagine what it would be like to be his bitch cocksucker!

I kept asking him if Dumb Ass was there, and he kept saying, “Yes, this is dumb ass!”  Making a living from phone sex and from using faggot piggies like him is so much fun.  And it’s so easy too!  After we finally hung up, and I had taken lots of money from him, I sent him an email telling him to buy Me a nice big gift from Amazon!  After all, there’s a fat bonus sitting in his bank account.  When he spends it on Me, he’ll give himself ridiculous little hard ons for a week!