Nov 302017

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Princess Jewel

Jan 082009

My poor little sissy sissy faggots miss Me when I am not logged in to NiteFlirt. I know how much you need to be sissified, dominated and whored out. Since I can’t possibly be available to emasculate you sluts 24 / 7, I have hand picked some Five Star Flirts for you for when I am away.

Only the hottest Princesses, most emasculating phone sex girls and greediest Mistresses will be in My new Five Star Flirts group.  My sluts are used to the best – ME – and should get it even if I am not available to sissify you Myself.

Click on the Five Star Flirts button and you will find the best collection of Princesses and Dommes NiteFlirt phone sex has to offer.  I expect you sluts to be on your best behavior when you call My colleagues.  Make sure that you are the sluttiest faggot cock sucker, girliest sissy bitch or most pathetic money pig loser that you can be.  I expect nothing but the best from My phone sex customers too!  Hehehe.  Good girl!

Oct 252008

I love to talk to My Cream Pie Guy.  He has such a sexy, growly voice and I just love to turn him on.  I love to create a scene where I cum visit him.  Of course, He doesn’t find out that My pussy or ass is full of cum until his tongue is all the way inside Me and he is telling Me I have the most delicious pussy he ever tasted!

We both get pretty fucking hot.  I just LOVE making his cream pie (and other) fantasies cum true.  But he always tells Me that he just can’t believe half of the stuff in My blog.  You know, not that he doesn’t think it is true, but rather that he can’t believe all the horny fucks that I talk to and their fantasies.  Lol.

Cream Pie Guy always tells Me that his fantasy is so much different from some of the humiliation and hard core feminization stories that I write about (all 100% true calls!), and tells Me how normal he is.  Well… um… ok…

We both love it when I tell him all about how I fucked My boyfriend just before cumming to see him.  And it gets us both hot when I tell him that I told My boyfriend exactly why I had to fuck him right at that moment – and that he had to pump Me full of a huge load of cum so that I can teach a bitch a lesson.

All perfectly normal, right?  😉

Then I make My Cream Pie loving bitch eat My hot sweat creamy pussy, and I add in all sorts of interesting variations along the way.  But, the minute I mention that My boyfriend has been watching us, and that I am going to make Cream Pie Guy clean My pussy juice off My boyfriend’s cock, he practically shoots himself across the room!

I LOVE this fantasy.  The thought of fucking some one just so I can feed the cum in My pussy to a drooling naughty bitch drives Me wild! And knowing that when he is on the edge of cumming, I can push him right over by feeding him a cock! I  But… normal?  Not so sure about that!  Lol.  We might just have to take it up a notch or two so that it is more appropriate for My blog.  Hehehe.

Cream Pie Guy knows how much I love making him explode.  I might just have to think up a couple of wrenches (but no lead pipes or candlesticks) to throw in to the fantasy!

Sep 282008

I spoke to the masturbast-ion princess this afternoon.  He had been prancing around in a white baby doll all day.  I asked him why he likes this baby doll so much and he said because of the way the skirt flairs out when he twirls around!  I think he might need a ballet lesson.

He was really worked up because he had been playing all afternoon – fucking himself with a cock, prancing around like a girly whore and saving his cum.  This faggot slut loves to perform in public.  I guess that there is just nothing quite like exposing yourself and your sissiness to all your friends and neighbors!

So I had him get down on the floor and stick his faggot ass up in the air.  I put him on stage, opened the curtain and made him put on a HOT and HUMILIATING show.  First, I had the guy that he watches at the gym cum up on stage.  I made the princess confess all his cocksucking and cum eating desires to him.  Then, of course, I had the guy fuck his sissy ass pussy with a hig dildo right on stage in front of everybody.

I did all sorts of other humiliating things to him too.  But the best was when I made him take the cock out of his ass pussy, rub it all over his face, dip it in the cum he had saved from earlier and beg to have his face shot full of cum!  As soon as I mentioned shooting his cum at his face from a turkey baster, this faggot slut was in the kitchen trying to find one.

He couldn’t find one, so instead, I had him hold the former ass dildo over his face and told him to pour the cum onto the dildo.  What a cum slut!  The cum dripped down all over his sissy faggot face and he LOVED it!  Lol.  He shot a huge load of sissy juice out of his clitty dick and drank that down too.  What a good little faggot!

Sep 282008

I have been meaning to write about this for a really long time.  I have been very busy working on some other projects, though, and got very behind on My blogging.  I really do enjoy writing about all you girly boys!I am a faggot cock sucker

Anyway, I have made another brand new cock sucker!  Sissy faggot bottle boy finally was so overwhelmed by his desire to be a cock sucking faggot whore that he popped his faggot cherry recently.  Read the comments associated with the post I liked to in the previous sentence, and you will be able to read ALL about his faggot adventures!

I just have to say that even though he wrote the comment on My blog right after he got his sissy pussy fucked, it just wasn’t the same thing as hearing him tell Me exactly what happened.  His voice was quivering and he was gasping as he relived being an actual faggot cocksucker all over again.  When he told Me about getting fucked, sissy bitch almost couldn’t contain himself.  Hearing all about it was really HOT.  Knowing that I gave him a much needed push in the cocksucking direction was even hotter!

I spoke to the bottle fucker again tonight and really drove him crazy.  I think I may have mentioned how much I enjoy having My phonesex faggot bitches in the palm of My hand.  This fetish phone sex call was no exception.  He has this fantasy about sucking the cock of one of his good friends while the friends wife watches. 

That’s nothing new.  But the fun part is that every time he sees them, he steals a pair of her dirty panties.  Sissy bitch sniffs them, licks them and always winds up wearing them.  Anyway, you should have heard him tonight.  I was making him say how much he wants his friend’s cock.  In the past, I’ve told him to think of being his friend’s bitch everytime he is there.  Now I know that the idea is planted in his brain, and that every time he goes to visit this couple, he won’t be able to stop thinking about being their sissy slut!

He really got hot tonight.  The way he exploded while imagining his friend fucking his sissy ass pussy was unbelievable!  I told him what a good girl he is for being a panty stealing, cock sucking, sissy faggot whore!

Sep 282008

If you have seen Jewel’s Fools with Teeny Tools lately, you’ll have seen the picture of Sissy Joy’s girlfriend.  He’s is a 26 year old virgin.  That alone is humiliating enough.  But the things I do to this sissy faggot are absolutely hysterical!

When sissy slut Joy told Me that he was a virgin, My head began to spin with sissy humiliation ideas.  What did I come up with?  Well, the fact that he will never have a girlfriend is obviously because of his small sissy clit. That, of course, led to the thought that his right hand will be the only thing to ever touch his clitty dick.  So, therefore, his right hand is his one and only girlfriend!

OMFG!  The sissy phonesex calls have been soooo fucking funny!  I make sissy boy joy put his ‘girlfriend’ on the phone and talk to Me in a high girly voice.  I make him say things to his girlfriend like “I love you girlfriend” and “You are such a good cocksucker.”  Hahahaha!  I even had him draw lips on his fist and pour lube into his first and had him tell his girlfriend “Suck my clit, you whore.”

I can’t even imagine how this level of ridicule could actually get a humiliation slut excited.  But it does!  A lot.  Finally, I had sissy boy joy propose to his girlfriend.  I made him ask her to marry him!  She got on the phone and said in her high voice that she wants big cocks, not sissy clits.  But sissy and I got her to accept.  Sissy kept telling his ‘girlfriend’ how much he loves her and that she will be his forever.  I even promised that if they are both good girls, I may let them find some nice big cocks to play with.  I CAN’T WAIT for the wedding!

Sep 282008

I was pretty busy last night.  Sissy Joy proposed to his only girlfriend (his right hand), a faggot slut called Me twice so he could fuck his ass pussy with a screwdriver and a loser called Me so that his one-time girlfriend (a real one – not his hand) could cuckold him and have her new boyfriend fuck him while he licked the former girlfriend’s ass.  You know – it was the just usual stuff!  Lol.

Shortly after I hung up with one sissy, My phone rang again and it was Fag Party Boy.  I’m not sure why, but I love hearing about what a faggot he is – it gets Me HOT!  I keep telling him that I want to hear him sucking a cock or getting fucked.

He’s been such a good girl too.  He tried to call Me several times from the Fag Party, but it was the hour or so I wasn’t logged on that night.   So, of course, he tried to call Me again last night while he had a huge, dominant cock in his ass, but I was on another call and I missed it.  Damn!!

Faggot cocksucking has been gettng Me really hot lately.  But, it depends on the faggots who are participating.  I LOVED hearing about several new cock sucking faggots and thought their stories were really hot.  But, when someone like Zucchini boy calls and I make him suck his former girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s cock, it only makes Me laugh.

So, unfortunatley, I had to settle for only hearing about the faggot pick up a dominant guy at the fag bar.  And I had to settle for only hearing about how My sissy slut was in such a rush to get fucked that he didn’t even suck the cock for very long.  But I did make him squirt his sissy cum and mix it all over his chest with the cum from the guy who had just fucked him.  And I did enjoy hearing him lick it up like a good little sissy girl.  What I really want to hear is the faggot cocksucking.  Hopefully soon, we’ll get our timing right and I will get to hear it first hand!

Sep 282008

Poor little Tinker-ballerina!  I spoke to him over a week ago, and I haven’t had a chance to post about his first ballet lesson until now.

I have to say, it was hilarious!  Ballerina boy bought a pretty, pretty ballet costume.  I don’t have the link anymore, so he’ll have to write Me a comment and add it in.  Anyway, it was very frilly and pretty!

I told him to look up some ballet moves online while he was waiting for his costume to come in the mail.  I told him to be sure that he could stand gracefully like a ballerina by the time his costume arrived.  I have to say that I got even more than I asked for.  Tinker-ballerina had learned all five ballet positions and some basic moves as well.  What a good girl.

I made him work up a whole routine.  Each time he did it, he added another graceful, girly move.  At the end of his routine, I made him do a little pirouette.  It was so funny.  I had him add in arm movements and told him to be very delicate and graceful. 

He did everything very well!  I even had him add his magic fairy spell to the routine.  But then the fun really started.  Once I knew what a good girl he had been and could see how hard he was working to be a prima ballerina, I decided to give him a reward.  Every good girl deserves a reward, don’t you think?

I let lucky little Tinker-ballerina get his dildo and stuff it up his ass.  Then I had him do some more ballet moves.  He had to do deep pliets (knee bends) and then cum up to his tippy toes.  Hee, hee.  You should have heard him as he sunk down on the cock.  He had never been fucked like that before.

Pretty soon I had him completly worked up.  He had bought a plastic ass and pussy to fuck and humiliate himself with.  I called it his girlfriend and made him fuck it hard.  It was so funny making him a prima ballerina and then making him hump his plastic girlfriend!  But I think it was an experience he’ll never forget!

Sep 272008

You humiliation sissy sluts REALLY crack Me up!  I spoke to celery boy a few nights ago and had such fun with him.  You should hear his voice when I make him do something really humiliating.  The way he says “Yes Princess” is great.  He says it like he knows he had to agree, but really isn’t sure that he should be agreeing.  Lol.

I have made him eat his own cum, fuck some celery, cum on his tooth brush, lick his girlfriend’s dirty panties… and what else?  Oh yes, that’s right, I utterly and painfully ruined one of his orgasms.  Hahahaha!  In fact, ruining his orgasm got Me so hot that I really want to do it again and again.  Maybe I should make a listing for it!  

Not only that, but I made him squirt jhis sissy juice so many times that night that he was in pain by the end.  Now I LOVED that!  It made Me want to force some sissy slut to cum over and over and over until it is really painful and he cums dry.  I want him to BEG ME to sop making him cum.  And then I want to make him cum once more.  I haven’t been able to do it yet – so I am definitely taking volunteers!

But anyway, that’s really not what I wanted to write about tonight.  I wanted to write about humiliating sissy slut celery boy.  He foolishly has this habit of calling Me when he has friends staying overnight.  You know that I have to take complete advantage of that!

This was great!  I had slut boy go out into the hall which all the bedrooms open up to.  Everyone was asleep and the doors were closed, but it was very quiet in the house.  One false move and he would get caught in a very humiliating position!  I made him jerk his little dicklet (5″ – lol) and get down on his knees.  He had to wag his ass back and forth and tell Me what a sissy faggot he is.  All very quietly of course.  He was moaning and groaning all over the place.  I really did think someone was going to wake up.

But the most humiliating thing that I made sissy slave boy do was to squirt his sissy cream all over the floor in the hallway!  Hee, hee.  Could you imagine if someone had opened one of the bedroom doors?  Since he is such a humiliation whore, he really shot a big wad of sissy cream and shot it hard.  Another audible groan.  Then was the best – I made him put his ass in the air and his face to the floor and lick up all of his cum off the hallway floor.  I could only imagine the utter humiliation if someone had opened one of the bedroom doors!

I really enjoy mind fucking him.  And the funny thing is that he almost always calls Me back a little while later the same night.  Once is just never enough for My cum eating humiliation sissy slut!

Sep 212008

I have to admit that if I didn’t take sissy faggot fetish phonesex calls on NiteFlirt and I read this blog, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.  Do you guys REALLY get off to this humiliation?  Do so many of you REALLY have feminization and cocksucking fantasies?  Do you losers REALLY get off having a hot young girl like Me laugh at you, take your money and leave you broke?  I mean, most of these blog stories are downright ridiculous!  Hee, hee.  Ridiculous – but 100% TRUE!

And speaking of ridiculous – I think I can show any disbelievers out there that every word in this blog is true.  Not only are the stories true – but they aren’t even exaggerated!  Take note of the day this post is published.  If you have read My blog faithfully, you might just recognize something when you go to My NiteFlirt listing and check My feedback.

In the last couple of days, you will find a similarity between My blog and My feedback.  Lol.  Not only did I take loser boy to the cleaners, not only did I name his sissy clitty Little Miss Ridiculous, not only did I humiliate him and leave him broke, I also wrote all about it here in My blog for anyone to read.

Just in case I hadn’t done enough damage, I also sent some ridiculous pay mails to loser boy the next day just to see if he would pay them.  Duh!  Of course he did!

So anyway, My point is this.  If you read My feedback for the last few days, you will get complete confirmation of the fetish phonesex call that I wrote about recently.  It wan’t enough for dumb ass to be utterly humiliated and left broke.  It wasn’t enough for dumb ass to read about it in My blog.  He also had to write about it in My feedback so that the whole world will know what a dumb ass cock sucking ridiculous loser faggot money slave he is!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  I love NiteFlirt!

PS – I have had a couple of other equally ridiculous phone sex calls this weekend on NiteFlirt that I want to write about (this means YOU, celery boy – hahahaha), but I have better things to do right now, so it will have to wait.  Stay tuned – there’s lots more humiliation, faggot, cum eating, vegetable fucking phone sex stories on their way!