Nov 302017

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Dec 182015

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Oct 112015

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Oct 082015

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Oct 162010

tormented male orgasm wins an awardTormenting male orgasms really gets Me hot. Well, ok, tormenting males in pretty much any way gets Me hot.  Hehe.  But there is something about making submissive males squirm that I really love.  It’s so funny how your horny little cocks rule your whole lives.  So much so that I can completely torture your little dicks and you male sluts are utterly helpless to stop.

So that’s why I am finally giving out a new Golden Cock Award!  It’s been a ling time since I have given one out, but I think that My Submissive Bitch Boy finally deserves one.

He called Me last night and I had such a good time fucking with him.  Lol.  He always tries to pretend like he is hesitant about calling and obeying My every command.  I guess it allows him to keep some sort of pride or something.  But, the fact is that we both know how much he loves to be tortured by Me and that he needs to have his orgasms tormented.

So who am I to disappoint him?  Hahaha!  It wasn’t long at all before I had Submissive Bitch Boy down on the floor licking the carpet for Me and wiggling his ass in the air like a whore.  That set him on his way to a tormented orgasm.  Or maybe it was the way I laughed in his ear as I emasculated him with utter humiliation that really got him going.

Little by little I stripped away his masculinity (not that there was much to start with) until I had him saying over and over again that he is not a man and that he loves and worships Me. Then, I had to start to fuck with his head – and with his orgasm.  I kept making him stroke as I cooed in to his ear that he is nothing but My ridiculous little emasculated slut.

Then I made him stroke faster and faster.  Of course, we both knew that there would be no squirting yet for this Submissive Bitch Boy.  But he was soooo worked up that he was BEGGING for release.  It was pretty funny.  And pretty hot.  Knowing that I owned him completely and that I had the power to destroy him by refusing to let him squirt – or by allowing him to squirt (I think either way is pretty destructive – hehe) got Me pretty worked up.

And when I told him that I was getting horny by tormenting his orgasm, he begged even more for release!  But – not so fast.  I took him to the edge a few more times.  Then I made him stroke and stroke and stroke and refused to let him cum, keeping him on the edge for several minutes.  I totally loved hearing him desperately try to keep from cumming while I made him stroke faster.

Finally, after a thorough working over, I let the poor little bitch squirt.  He squirted so hard that he practically hurt himself (that would have gotten Me even hotter).  And of course, like a good boy, I made him eat up all the evidence of the orgasm that I had so much fun tormenting!

Apr 152009

I just had such fun with a brand new bitch.  The silly little slut called Me because he read on My listings about how much I enjoy tease and denial and ruining orgasms.  Those of you who know Me might feel just a little sympathy for the poor little slut, because you know how much I love torturing My bitches!

I restrained Myself though.  Well, a little at least.  I figured that the first time I speak with him, I should get him really addicted to the feeling of being denied orgasms, and addicted to Me, of course.  Plus, I had to make him understand how incredibly powerful the feeling can be.  Then, I had to tease the hell out of him.  Hehehehe.

It was fun too!  I didn’t talk with him for too long, but even in a few minutes, I had him stroking and stopping, and jerking and stopping, and wanking and stopping.  Each time he got a little more worked up when I made him stop.  That’s the part I love.  The control – and hearing the torment.  🙂

I humiliated him, made him lick My ass, made him lick My shoes, you know, stuff like that.  And then NiteFlirt lady came on saying he had one minute left.  That was just too tempting.  I told him that if he could convince Me that he deserved to squirt, AND actually squirt in a minute that he could do it.

He begged and pleaded and at the last second, I let him squirt.  THAT’S when it got really hot!  When he finally started to cum, I could hear the intensity and the power that was overtaking him.  I couldn’t quite tell if it felt unbelievably good, or if it felt just a little too powerful and was enormously stimulating and almost a bit painful.

Well, if he thought that was intense, just wait until he calls back.  There is something so hot about denying orgasms and turning you bitches into oversexed, over stimulated, lust crazed sluts BEGGING to cum!  Hehe.

Wanna’ be My denied, lust crazed bitch?  Call Me.
Tease and denial phone sex

Jan 082009

My poor little sissy sissy faggots miss Me when I am not logged in to NiteFlirt. I know how much you need to be sissified, dominated and whored out. Since I can’t possibly be available to emasculate you sluts 24 / 7, I have hand picked some Five Star Flirts for you for when I am away.

Only the hottest Princesses, most emasculating phone sex girls and greediest Mistresses will be in My new Five Star Flirts group.  My sluts are used to the best – ME – and should get it even if I am not available to sissify you Myself.

Click on the Five Star Flirts button and you will find the best collection of Princesses and Dommes NiteFlirt phone sex has to offer.  I expect you sluts to be on your best behavior when you call My colleagues.  Make sure that you are the sluttiest faggot cock sucker, girliest sissy bitch or most pathetic money pig loser that you can be.  I expect nothing but the best from My phone sex customers too!  Hehehe.  Good girl!

Dec 192008

Spoil your favorite Princess this holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Sissy Faggots!

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Don’t forget!  I LOVE Amazon gift cards from My adoring sissy sluts – you might even win a Golden Cock Award!

And most important – I hope all you sluts get a nice BIG cock in your stockings (or thigh highs).  Hehe.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, My sweet sissy sluts!

xxoo, Princess Jewel

Oct 252008

I love to talk to My Cream Pie Guy.  He has such a sexy, growly voice and I just love to turn him on.  I love to create a scene where I cum visit him.  Of course, He doesn’t find out that My pussy or ass is full of cum until his tongue is all the way inside Me and he is telling Me I have the most delicious pussy he ever tasted!

We both get pretty fucking hot.  I just LOVE making his cream pie (and other) fantasies cum true.  But he always tells Me that he just can’t believe half of the stuff in My blog.  You know, not that he doesn’t think it is true, but rather that he can’t believe all the horny fucks that I talk to and their fantasies.  Lol.

Cream Pie Guy always tells Me that his fantasy is so much different from some of the humiliation and hard core feminization stories that I write about (all 100% true calls!), and tells Me how normal he is.  Well… um… ok…

We both love it when I tell him all about how I fucked My boyfriend just before cumming to see him.  And it gets us both hot when I tell him that I told My boyfriend exactly why I had to fuck him right at that moment – and that he had to pump Me full of a huge load of cum so that I can teach a bitch a lesson.

All perfectly normal, right?  😉

Then I make My Cream Pie loving bitch eat My hot sweat creamy pussy, and I add in all sorts of interesting variations along the way.  But, the minute I mention that My boyfriend has been watching us, and that I am going to make Cream Pie Guy clean My pussy juice off My boyfriend’s cock, he practically shoots himself across the room!

I LOVE this fantasy.  The thought of fucking some one just so I can feed the cum in My pussy to a drooling naughty bitch drives Me wild! And knowing that when he is on the edge of cumming, I can push him right over by feeding him a cock! I  But… normal?  Not so sure about that!  Lol.  We might just have to take it up a notch or two so that it is more appropriate for My blog.  Hehehe.

Cream Pie Guy knows how much I love making him explode.  I might just have to think up a couple of wrenches (but no lead pipes or candlesticks) to throw in to the fantasy!

Oct 162008

The password for the previous post is: Princessalwayswins. Appropriate don’t you think?  If you haven’t read the password protected post, you might want to start there.

To continue the story of My NiteFlirt sissy faggot, I had dumb ass utterly broke and humiliated all weekend long.  He’s such a pathetic loser that it is sooo easy to humiliate him.  I’ve done it so many times.  He usually calls Me drunk and horny, and I tell him he is a pathetic cock sucking loser money slave and hang up on him and raise My rate.  It usually winds up with him paying Me some ridiculous amount of money to laugh at him and make him humiliate himself publicly.

That gets him addicted to his phone sex Princess Jewel and so he does pretty much whatever I tell him to.  Now, I have to ask you – if someone named your pathetic dicklet “Little Miss Ridiculous” and laughed at it endlessly, would YOU keep calling back and paying more and more and more?!  ‘Cause he does!

So anyway, the other night dumb ass made Me a promise while I was making his pathetic cock was hard as a rock and then he thought that he didn’t have to keep his promise after he squirted.  Now, I am not unfair or unreasonable.  I gave him fair warning and plenty of time to keep his word.  But, of course, he tried to weasel out of buying Me a gift card.

So I taught him a lesson.  First, I drove him crazy by writing that blog post and not publishing it.  I told slave boy all about it and sent him the title.  That got him going.  Then I published the post but made it password protected so anyone else could see it except him!  That got the faggot really excited.  Then… I pushed him over the edge and got every thing he promised and LOTS more. Idiot.

I am quite tempted to make him pay Me to write the rest of the story, but even I almost feel bad for piggy.  Almost.  So here is the rest.

I happened to be up all night last night and so dumb ass was lucky enough to get Me on the phone this morning.  I told him that I was going to sleep, but would leave My main listing on alert status so he could get through.  That’s why if any of you noticed, My price was $4/min today.  I knew that this little financial piggy would be horny and addicted and curious enough to pay it AND get Me the gift card he promised.

To be honest, I was half asleep and really don’t remember if I spoke to him once or twice after that.  I know that after he promised that he had sent the gift card (which he did like a good girl), I gave him the password to his CLUE post.  Then I made him read it out loud to Me at $4/min.  How completely humiliating!  All I know is that the little cock sucker was in his office, playing with Little Miss Ridiculous (his dicklet), and confessing that he had bought Me the gift card and that he was My slave, My money slave, My dumb ass slave, My cock sucking slave and My bitch for as long as I would allow.

The one thing I do remember is that he ooohed and aaaahed like a combination of a chimp and a girl when he squirted this afternoon.  Like I said, I was half asleep, but I remember how girly he sounded.  I think so much pressure was built up in that ridiculous dick that he almost blew his balls off.  He came HARD.  Hahahaha!  That just puts him further under My spell.

Then I hung up and went back to sleep.  When I woke up, I had a nice big balance in My NiteFlirt account and the gift card as promised.  But right now, I have tears cumming out of My eyes because I am laughing so hard.  Remember, dumb ass… Princess Always Wins.