Feb 212013

owned by princess

Alpha male or bitch boi owned by Princess?   Hmmmmm…  what does the photographic evidence suggest?  Yep… he is a horny little bitch boi who is totally owned by Princess!

Actually, Hoover Lips is kind of an alpha male too (believe it or not!).  That’s what makes turning him into a panty wearing bitch who begs for cock so much fun!  I mean, anyone can take a pathetic sissy slut and turn him into a cock sucking gurly bitch.  But, I think it takes a little more finesse to take an alpha man down.  Plus, they have sooooo much further to fall.  Hehe.

The last time I spoke with Hoover Lips, I told him that he would be begging Me to cum.  But, since he still tries to hold on to the fantasy that he is actually a real man, My little owned bitch flat out denied that he would ever sink so low.  Yeah…. riiiiiight.

I have him wearing panties almost every day, I won’t let him have sex with his wife without My permission and he certainly isn’t allowed to cum with out My permission.  I am also turning Hoover Lips into a cock craving cum eater.  Soon enough, he will sucking man dick for Me like a good gurl should.  He has already serviced a couple of shemale cocks for Me, so it won’t be long until he gets skull fucked by hard throbbing man meat!

It’s pretty funny when he is telling Me desperately in one breath that he can’t wait to take cock for Me and then in the next breath that he is a real man and will never beg.  So, do I really need to say what actually happened…?

Of course he begged!!  My cock loving, owned bitch boi begged Me to let him cum.  He has been totally trapped and brainwashed by Me into being a panty wearing, cock sucking, cum eating gurly boi.  I love manipulating him.  And I especially loved making him beg to squirt.  He was sooooo worked up and soooo horny, and when he started begging he could hardly contain himself.  It was pretty hot.

I love turning alpha males into brainwashed bimbos.  And now there is no doubt that My lil Hoover Lips is totally owned by Princess Jewel and that he will always be My emasculated bitch!

Feb 202013

One of My tiny cock sissy bois has written Me a song!  He loves My Sissy Sissy Faggot Song so much that it inspired him to think of his very own humiliating song.  Here it is:

I’m a little faggot short and stout,

here is my ass and here is my mouth.

Feed me some black cock and watch me spout.

Bend me over and pimp me out.

Hahahaha!  I’m sure most of you can recognize the tune that it is sung to.  It was hilarious when My tiny cock sissy boi sung it for Me – over and over again.  I just kept cracking up as he sang it, and his tiny little cocklet just kept getting more and more excited.  It’s so funny the endless ways you fag bois can cum up with to humiliate yourselves.

Of course, I added in My own special way of humiliating him and laughing at his tiny little dick and at his urge to suck a big black cock.  In fact, I was having so much fun emasculating him that he was on the verge of crying.  LMFAO!

In the end, he would up squirting all over himself like a good gurl!  And I told him that I would publish his ridiculous song, so that every one will know what a pathetic little tiny cock sissy boi he really is!

If you would like to be My pathetic little fag boi, you can call Me and sing his song to Me too.  Hehe.  Or, you can call and listen to the recording of Me sing My humiliating, ridiculous Sissy Sissy Faggot Song any time!

Jul 262012

sissy sucks cockI’m on the phone with Sissy Dan right now.  He’s wearing a pair of silky panties and is totally desperate to suck dick.  He  is really wasted and wants Me to black mail his sissy ass into sucking a hard throbbing dick.

So I thought I would put his picture up on My blog and empty his account out tonight.  After all, he’s not a man.  He’s just a girly sissy cock sucker.  And since he begged Me to black mail him and fuck with his head, I just couldn’t refuse.  Doesn’t he look pretty in his wig sucking that cock?  LOL.

Here’s the picture of My little sissy fag that I took from his CL ad.  Maybe if he’s not a good boi, I’ll post his address and phone number too.


Oct 152011

sissy pussyboy humiliates himselfI love making this sissy pussyboy humiliate himself over and over and over.  Is there any doubt who it is?  Sissy Rick – of course!

Now the entire world can hear Sissy Rick humiliate himself in his very own words.  Hahaha.  In fact, if you click on his picture, Ricky will speak and humiliate himself.  Here are a few more audio clips of the sissy pussyboy emasculating himself:

Pink High Heels

Sissy Loser

All Over the Internet

Ricky’s new profile on Date Hook Up!

Eventually, someone will give these clips and pix to the girl Sissy Rick is hopelessly infatuated with.  She doesn’t give him the time of day, though.  But, as I continue to embarrass and emasculate him, there is more and more of a chance that someone will show the object of his pathetic affection exactly what Ricky really is (click on the picture to hear it in his very own words!).

Sep 102011

I had to punish one of My naughty sissy boys the other night.  I think it’s kind of funny when you sissy sluts try and test Me.  Even the little bit of testosterone that sissy faggots have sometimes gets all worked up and you sluts think that you are actually men.  Um… yeah… sure.  Hehe.

Double click on the pic to see his video!

Anyway, this naughty sissy boy was putting an ad on Craig’s List for a nice big cock or two.  But, he thought that he would test Me and act like a little bratty girl and say in the ad that he wanted some cock or a femme domme that he will serve as a slave.  Then, he sent Me the link to the ad.  Big mistake.

I mean really!  Did he think that I would just let that slide?  I always say that you sissy sluts can serve or call whoever you want.  Just be warned, that you will get what you deserve.  And, of course, you’ll be back… begging for My attention like the horny little whores you are.

So after I saw his cock sucking ad, I told him to go find another Princess if that was what he wanted.  Hahaha.  It took about 10 seconds before he was begging and pleading for Me not to be angry with him.  And, to be honest, I really wasn’t all that angry.  But, he didn’t know that (guess he does now – lol).  I just had fun punishing him and making him scramble around, getting his panties in a bunch (his words, not Mine), trying to get Me to forgive him.

So, My naughty sissy boy got punished and had to make Me this video.  It’s pretty humiliating, I think.  He also had to send Me a tribute and apologize over and over again.  I love controlling and emasculating you horny sissy fags like that.  I had him totally worked up into a sissy frenzy – what a silly girl!

In case you can’t see the embedded video, you can watch the shaved sissy boy here.

Dec 112010

I’ve been talking to My crossing dressing sissy boy for long time now, but have never written about him in any of My blogs.  The horny little bitch almost never has enough money to call Me, but is always seeking My attention.  Well, I guess I have made him wait long enough.  Not only am I adding the horny little cross dressing sissy to My blog, I am giving him the coveted (coveted?  hehe) Silver Slut Award as well!  Lucky whore.

It definitely took him a while to earn it, but I think going outside dressed from head to toe as a girl with a vibrator up his ass just because I told him to should give him the honor.  Hahaha.

He called last week and went on cam for Me.  My horny little bitch was all dressed up as a girl.  He had on a wig, dress, stockings… everything!  When he went on to cam for Me, I couldn’t help cracking up because he looked so silly.

As soon as he mentioned that he had a vibrator there, I made him turn around and watched the cross dressing sissy boy shove it up his ass pussy.  How ridiculous he looked.  I made him wiggle all over that cock in his ass like the sleazy little girly whore he is.  And, oh yeah, I also took a screen shot of it.  Maybe I’ll publish the picture of him dressed like that too.  Lol.

After all that, he was so worked up that he actually screwed up the courage to go outside dressed like a girl!  It was just too funny.  Out he went in his dress, stockings, wig and, of course the vibrator in his sissy pussy.  He sounded soooo scared and soooo excited.  Needless to say, when it was all over, he had squirted himself silly!  So, if you’re a cross dressing sissy boy, hurry up and call Me too.

Oct 232010

sissy loser from IndianaSissy Rick the total loser from Indiana strikes again.  I guess he couldn’t stand not being the first post anymore and had to send Me another pic.  What a dumb ass.

Make sure you check out the big bow in his hair, his hairy butt crack, sissy stockings and high heels.

Be sure to click the Facebook icon below and post this to Facebook so everyone can see what a wimpy, pathetic loser Ricky really is.

Apr 142009

I just got off the phone with a new girly boy.  Poor little slut really wants to be a girl.  Too bad he will never be a real girl like Me, with a hot tight ass and perfect body.  😉

This guy was too funny.  He was in his car at the mall, all dressed up like a whore!  He had on a mini dress, panties, bra and six inch heels.  He was also wearing a wig and make up.  He told Me he has actually gone into the mall like that in the past.  Hahaha!

I had fun telling him how I was going to pimp him out and use his sissy holes for My benefit.  What a slut – he said he doesn’t even like pussy anymore.  It’s just cock for him from now on.  Oh yeah – the best part was that he has a tiny little three inch dicklet!

He wouldn’t get out of his car though.  He said it was raining and that his sissy make up would run and that his sissy wig might get ruined.  Lol.  Next time, he better have a floppy pink rain hat or umbrella.  I would LOVE to speak to some of the girls in Victoria’s Secret while he shops for new sissy lingerie!

All of a sudden, he had to go.  So, I guess he was about to get caught by someone.  Hehe.  It’s so funny when all of a sudden you phone sex boys get all quiet and say you have to go in a hurry.  Well, hopefully, he didn’t get caught because I think he has very good potential to be My sissy whore.  I wonder how many cocks he can service at once?

Call Me and maybe you can be My cock sucking sissy whore too!
Sissy faggot phone sex

Dec 202008

Ha,ha, ha!  All My sluts are begging for the Golden Cock Award!  I just got off the phone with Tinker Ballerina, and the cock sucker really wanted to earn a Golden Cock Award.  Hmmm… he has already done so many humiliating sissy faggots things that it gets harder to keep topping Myself.

Then, it came to Me.  Lol!!!  I had Alice in SissyLand sing Me a holiday song. Five Golden Cocks for MY Sissy Faggot This is how is goes:

♫  On the fifth day of Christmas, My Princess gave to Me… FIVE ♫ GOLD-EN ♫ COCKS!

Four pairs of panties, ♫

♫ Three jars of lube,

Two hairy balls… ♫

♫ And a BIG FAT COCK in my ass!!! ♫

OMG!  It was hilarious.  I had sissy boy on the floor, humping his ass on the side of the bed, singing My song over and over.  I couldn’t stop laughing at him.  Talk about a humiliation slut.

Then, I had him begging for a nice big cock between his legs for Christmas.  So sissy ballerina boy started begging for a big cock.  A real man’s cock.  Not a tiny and pathetic one like his.  In fact, his clitty dicklet is sooo small that I had him beg for an elf cock.  Haha.  I made him ask for an elf cock for Christmas ’cause an elf cock would be bigger than his pathetic clitty!

I was really laughing at this ridiculous sissy boy, but then we got disconnected.  🙁  I could hear him desperately trying to hear Me and trying to get Me back, but his cell phone must have cut out.  Poor little humiliated tiny-dicked bitch.  I was almost ready to let him cum, too.

Dec 192008

Spoil your favorite Princess this holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Sissy Faggots!

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Don’t forget!  I LOVE Amazon gift cards from My adoring sissy sluts – you might even win a Golden Cock Award!

And most important – I hope all you sluts get a nice BIG cock in your stockings (or thigh highs).  Hehe.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, My sweet sissy sluts!

xxoo, Princess Jewel