Ew! Did You Squirt?


You gurly sluts are sooooo lucky to have Me! Most of you know it and are very good about adoring and spoiling Me. But there may be a few of you who are afraid to call, or who might be taking advantage of all the hot FREE sissy faggot phone sex blog posts I write. Plus I know that when some of you cum sluts read about yourselves, or about My other callers, you just get so excited that you accidentally squirt your sissy juice all over your panties!

So now you lucky little phone sex faggots can still tribute Me if you accidentally squirt while reading My blog. A $10 fee for squirting while reading this blog is quite a bargain, so if you are a loser in addition to being a sissy sissy faggot, pay it twice.

Tribute Feminization Prncess Jewel

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  21 Responses to “Ew! Did You Squirt?”

  1. Princess Jewel,

    I squirted all over myself reading the blog for hours … i couldnt help it.. i was mind locked n mezmerized .. im sorry

  2. You horny little sissy bitch. Send Me a tribute to say you’re sorry!

  3. But I couldn’t help it, your blog is so mind fucking .. its not fair

  4. Send Me a tribute to say thank you, you squirty bitch!

  5. I squirted all over my panties, then licked the cum off of them.

  6. Then you’d better send Me a tribute, fag boi.

  7. I totally just squirted reading your blog. you are such a gifted writer! so descriptive, and you know exactly what boi’s like me are thinking 🙂

  8. Then send Me a tribute, fag boi – it’s the least you can do. 😉

  9. avatar

    i squirted my sissy cock reading about how you manipulate little bitches like me and blackmail them.. pls pls do it to me… i felt the need to lick up all my cum and wished You were there threatening to tell everyone if i didn’t get my wallet open FAST.

  10. Fuck you, you faggot… pay up!

  11. Its kinda weird…I have been dressing up for years and getting on my knees to service real men…I knew I was a stupid useless sissy faggot but never really understood the value.of humiation until I read this. Yes my little clit squirted.hard and I wimpered when I read ur blog.

  12. Then pay up, you little faggot! 🙂

  13. i squrited all over myself and then ate it

  14. Then pay up, fag boi.

  15. Yes i squirted while reading your blog Mistress. Big surprise huh? Like a pussy like me has any control! I’ll wear my soaked panties all night! Thank You!!

  16. What a faggot! Don’t forget to pay your fine!

  17. I squirted my panties twice. Once reading your blog and again writing this!

  18. Then pay up, you loser.

  19. avatar

    im afraid i am how can i tell?……

  20. I came across your blog and before I could call, I came all over myself. You are so beautiful, powerful and hypnotic. I will do anything you say!

  21. You will send Me a tribute for squirting, you fucking loser.

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