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Princess Jewel

It has taken me a long time to get this all together, but now all My lucky little phonesex sissies, faggots, and girly boys, cuckolds and cum sluts have a place to come and see what I am up to! I will also be adding private picture galleries together so that you all can purchase access to lots of My pictures, and I will be making recorded listings for shy little sluts, or for when I am not available to take a call. You can view it all at www.jewelsfools.com.

For those of you who don’t know Me, I am Princess Jewel. I absolutely love feminization and fetish phonesex. Most of my callers are sissies or girly boys who want Me to feminize them, dress them up, humiliate them, and everything else we can imagine. Hee, hee – it’s so much fun!

I also got lots of financial domination callers. They just love to play games and just can’t help getting very excited as I use them take more and more of their money. The next day, they feel kind of stupid, but still kind of turned on by the way I manipulated them, made them weak and stuffed My bank account with their money.

Once in a while, I get a call from a real man. Mmmmmmmm! I just love to role play and act out fantasies with them. But, as I said, that is for real men only. Sissies, cuckolds and shrimp dicks definitely do not fall into that category. I just love explaining exactly why My little feminization boys will never satisfy Me and exactly why they will only ever be My devoted little bitches or whores catering to My every whim.

I use NiteFlirt as My ‘billing platform’, which assures anonymity for both Me and My callers. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, it’s easy to join, completely anonymous and you will get 3 free minutes towards your first call! For more information about joining NiteFlirt, click here. Or to call My feminization line, just click here!

To view all My listings and catagories, just click here for My NiteFlirt homepage and call the listing that suits you!

  22 Responses to “About Princess Jewel”

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    I want to become a sissy faggot . I like to now how to learn to begin .please get back to me soon. sissy michell.

  2. Just call Me, you little slut and I’ll turn you into a sissy, sissy faggot!

  3. Princess Jewel,

    I have several phone mistresses who I love, but you seem better, more dominant and more in touch with my needs than all of them. I want to be on my knees ass in the air while you pound me with your strap on like the little worthless whore I am.

  4. Then I think you had better call Me and ask Me nicely.

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    I just want to say any one who wants a great women to control them should call Princess Jewel she truly is the best.

  6. Don’t you wish that you weren’t a pathetic, lying wanker and actually deserved a blog post, Det. Pussy?

  7. avatar

    yes i do wish i was not a pathetic, lying wanker Princess and deserved a blog post. i hope that one day i will Princess because you have become my world.

  8. Well, hot dog! HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😉

  9. avatar

    yes Princess you control me with out a doubt.

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    i have been talking to Princess Jewel for a year now. She has taken me in and placed me under her control. i know now that i luv Princess Jewel. i am trying to fight it now but do not know how long i can last. i wish i were a real man but i know i am nothing more than a pussy for Princess Jewel. no matter how much i fight it or what i do to try and control my urges i always come back to her.

  11. Too bad you’re just a pathetic lying wanker, too, Det. Pussy. Well, Christmas is coming… maybe I’ll let you try to make it up to Me. Hehe.

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    Princess Jewel is a wonderful woman. If you ever want to have any hope of staying a man then do not call her. i made the mistake of calling her and that was the end for me. Princess Jewel has me doing the most humilating things. she has even made me squirt on my own face the most humilating thing i have ever done and yet i still can not keep my self from calling Princess.

  13. You made the ‘mistake’ of calling Me? Perhaps you should rethink that, you pansy.

  14. avatar

    i was wrong, it was never a mistake to call Princess Jewel. if i had never called her i might think i was really an alpha male. Princess has shown me there is no doubt im just a pansy.

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    thank you Princess it means so much to me just to hear good gurl from you. i guess that shows how far from a man i have come when it makes my pantie nub hard just hearing good gurl from you.

  16. That’s because you are a pathetic lying wanker.

  17. avatar

    the gift card is to say congrats and thank you for making me the pansy i am Princess.

  18. Gift card? Did we get new nighties?

  19. avatar

    not yet but now we are able to Princess or should be able to.

  20. Hehe – that’s My gurl!

  21. Love your voice princess Jewel. just listened to a few of your samples. do you do custom mp3s ? would love to be brainwashed and listen to some positive affirmations from you on a subject I believe your very familiar with.

    hope to hear from you

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