Feb 062009

I hadn’t spoken to My pussy cleaning, cum eating faggot in quite a while.  But it was worth it to torture him the way I did when he called last week.  Hehehe.  It was great.

We play this game.  He recites this ridiculous mantra he has about what a sissy faggot cum eating loser he is.  I make him add lines to it about how he loves Me.  He is only allowed to stroke his pathetically tiny dick while he is reciting it.  If he makes a mistake, or gets to the end, he has to stop stroking – no matter how close he is to squirting.

As I’m sure lots of you know, I LOVE ruining orgasms.  The total agony in one of My sissy bitch’s voice when I make him stop touching his pathetic dicklet is awesome!  I love the power of it.  It gets Me pretty hot.  Plus – it’s just plain hilarious!

Cum eater was no exception!  In fact, this might have been the best ruined orgasm I’ve heard so far.  As he was reciting his cum eating mantra, I made him stroke harder and really fast and I kept egging him on – getting him unbelievably worked up.  But, when he got to the end of his cum slupring chant, I made him stop.

HAHAHAHAHA!  It was great.  I’ve never heard such torture in a sissy’s voice when I made him stop stroking.  He was in real pain when I made him stop.  It was awesome!  I just kept laughing at his pain and telling him about how much I LOVED ruining his orgasm!

Cum eater told Me all sorts of other humiliating things.  Stuff about how he started eating his own cum in front of a hot girl.  Ha, ha, ha.  What a loser.  He really told Me lots of embarrassing stuff – plus I loved ruining his orgasm so much that eventually I let him squirt and, of course, eat his own cum.  It was such a great sissy phone sex call!

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  One Response to “Pussy Cleaning, Cum Eating Faggot”

  1. Princess,
    i love to eat cum
    especially my cum!
    i make it, i eat it, every time since 1998
    im addicted to semen and Princess Jewel
    omg Princess, ANY semen would do!
    do you know why princess?
    (insert Princess voice asking why)
    cuz im a cocksucking faggot (princess laugh)
    cumeating faggot (harder Princess laugh)
    cumaddicted faggot (even harder laugh)
    pillowhumping faggot (harder laugh if thats possible)
    cum addicted faggot (more laughter)
    pussying cleaning faggot (lots more laughter)
    sissy faggot (more)
    (tons of princess laughter)

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