May 142008

Ha, ha, ha! Sissy Rick – what a dork! He is nothing but a sissy loser who wants to be My sissy maid! Sissy Rick calls Me all the time. Sometimes on My feminization line, and sometimes on My ignore line. Hee, hee. All he wants to do is dress up in nothing but high heels and go around cleaning people’s houses. While he’s on the phone with Me, I go into chat rooms and give out his full name and phone number. I tell everyone in the chat rooms that he is a sissy, and a loser and that he deserves to be humiliated. Then I tell them to spread the word about him, so that no girl accidentally goes out on a date with him!

Sissy Rick has a tiny little penis and will do anything I say. I can keep him on the phone for such a long time – taking so much of his money. What a loser! I told him he can clean My boyfriend’s house on his hands and knees, with only his high heels on. Hahahahaha! Then I’ll throw his pathetic ass out the door and make him walk home that way! Or maybe I’ll dress him up completely, take pictures and send them to all his neighbors. Hmmm… maybe I should take pictures of Me forcing him to suck a nice big cock with his heels on, and post them all over the internet for every on to see!!!

C’mon, Sissy Rick, send Me your pictures so that I can keep humiliating you and post them in My View My Customers Photo Gallery! Ha, ha – what a dork!

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  2 Responses to “Sissy Rick the LOSER!”

  1. i am now on collarme .com under sissykeeper

  2. hi princess jewel my picture is up on under sissykeeper i thought you might want it or at least get a laugh

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