Jan 112009

I just had the funniest phone sex call!  Those silly little dicklets make you sluts do the most ridiculous things!  I even had this guy crying.  I love it – what a loser.

I’ve spoken to this guy before.  He always calls Me and whines that his little cock is so small and that he is a loser, etc, etc.  Well, tonight, I really got into his horny little head.  Ha, ha!  Loser boy gets completely out of control when that pathetic little button dick gets hard.  He’s a total slave to the pathetic urges of that tiny little dicklet.

I really humiliated this guy tonight and made him My financial piggy.  I made him say all sorts of things like “My dicklet is pathetic”, “My ridiculously tiny dicklet controls My entire life” and so on.  Lol.  He really was completely out of control!  That was when I knew I could hang up on him and tell him he was not allowed to cum until he called Me back at a higher rate.

Did he do it?  Duh!  Of course he did.  When he called back, I think he was even more excited and out of control.  I kept telling him that I know how much he loves to give Me all his money while I laugh at how pathetic he is.  I think that’s when he started crying “Yes, Princess, it’s true – I’m so pathetic.”

I really got him going when I asked him if he can satisfy his girlfriend.  He started crying and whining again about what a total loser and shrimp dick he is.  When I asked this total loser if his girlfriend just lays there looking bored while he pokes her with that stubby dicklet, he really lost it!

He begged and cried and begged Me to let him cum.  You should have heard him.  Loooo-ser!  Finally, I gave in.  I told him that he could cum if he said “My dicklet is useless” over and over while he cums.  Lol.  It was just too funny.  He made this kinda’ growly ‘arrrrrrggghhh’ sound and came for a really long time.  When it was all over, financial pig loser boy told Me that I am by fat the hottest flirt on NiteFlirt and that he had cum incredibly hard.

Um, no kidding, loser!  Of course I can make you squirt like you might actually have a dick.  That pathetic stub between your legs and, more important, your wallet are mine!!

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    Princess Jewel,

    You are so kind to let little dicklets have release. Losers like him and me were put on this planet to make a Goddess like You happy. Thank You for being so perfect and for having this blog. All sissies and men for that matter should serve and service You in the manner You see fit.

    Submissively Yours,

    — sissy bobbie

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    sissy bobbie

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