Jan 082009

My poor little sissy sissy faggots miss Me when I am not logged in to NiteFlirt. I know how much you need to be sissified, dominated and whored out. Since I can’t possibly be available to emasculate you sluts 24 / 7, I have hand picked some Five Star Flirts for you for when I am away.

Only the hottest Princesses, most emasculating phone sex girls and greediest Mistresses will be in My new Five Star Flirts group.  My sluts are used to the best – ME – and should get it even if I am not available to sissify you Myself.

Click on the Five Star Flirts button and you will find the best collection of Princesses and Dommes NiteFlirt phone sex has to offer.  I expect you sluts to be on your best behavior when you call My colleagues.  Make sure that you are the sluttiest faggot cock sucker, girliest sissy bitch or most pathetic money pig loser that you can be.  I expect nothing but the best from My phone sex customers too!  Hehehe.  Good girl!

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