Jan 072009

I must admit that I have really fallen behind on this one.  But, finally, an award for the Masturbation Princess!  He is probably long overdue for a Golden Cock Award, but on this occasion I have to demote this sissy sissy faggot  ever so slightly to a Silver Slut.  I’ll explain why later.

Actually, I alreSilver Slut Award for my sissy slutady wrote some of the story in My new creampiecumeating blog. This cock loving faggot got so hot putting on his masturbation show.  Lol.  So, I worte all about it in My new blog and emailed him the link.

Don’t you know that this sissy sissy faggot had to get his panties out again (he has to hide them) after he read My blog post?

Hehe.  He called Me back, but only had a few more minutes alone, so he had to be careful.  Imaging getting caught in a pair of panties and being outed as a cock loving sissy faggot?

It didn’t take him long, though to get all worked up again.  He got really worked up!  Thinking about My blog post describing what a sissy whore he is really made him crazy.  I told him he was allowed to squirt his sissy juice for Me, since he was squirting for being My bitch.  He really went over the top.  He came good and hard, but didn’t really ease up when he was done cumming for cock.  He started to cum again.  What a faggot!  He was having multiple orgasms for being My slutty faggot whore.

So why the Silver Slut Award and not a Golden Cock?  Well, he probably does deserve a Golden Cock Award for his general antics.  But he only gets the Silver Slut for running out of money in his NiteFlirt phone sex account just as he started to cum for the second time.  I love hearing that kind of stuff.  You sluts are soooo overwhelmed by your faggot orgasms that it makes you vulnerable and easy to addict!

So I guess this is one advantage to being a real Princess, as opposed to a sissy faggot Masturbation Princess.  Since I am the true Princess, I get to decide who gets what award.  I almost upgraded this girly bitch to a Golden Cock, because he is the first one to register on My new creampiecumeating.com blog.  But – he didn’t write a post for Me yet, so I will have to tease this nasty faggot slut by with holding My highest honor.  Of course, winning  the Silver Slut award is quite an achievement, so the MasturbationFaggot Girly Princess should be very proud.  Hehehe.

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