Sep 182008

It’s been a while since this happened.  But I certainly wouldn’t forget to write all about it!  I spoke to My little gay wanna be a few days ago – and he finally did it!  He went cock sucking! I am a faggot cock sucker

I have to say, I LOVED hearing all about it!  Poor little bitch probably thinks I forgot all about him.  But this is something I definitely wouldn’t forget (and neither is the Fag Party, J, I’ll get to you next!!)!

Anyway, he told Me all about what happened.  How he met up with a guy in a hotel.  He told me everything!  I got to hear all about how they kissed.  Then I got to hear about how they pressed their naked bodies against each other.  It got Me pretty hot too.  And of course knowing that I helped push him over the edge to become a cocksucker got Me very hot!

Then My phonesex bitch told Me about the actual cocksucking.  He told Me all about how he was nervous to be with another guy for the first time, but how he knew he needed to be gay.  Hearing him relive the moment in his head was great.

You know he needed to get fucked too.  On his back.  Like a girly slut.  He had been training his ass pussy for this exact moment.  I loved every perverted detail.  I only wish I could have heard it first hand.  Hearing this newly gay sissy slut describe his ass pussy getting fucked by a nice big cock was great.

Faggot sluts sucking cock and getting fucked just seems soooo wrong.  Lol.  I think that’s why it’s hot.  I know how much it takes you phonesex sluts to even be able to admit that you want to be cock whores.  How even the thought of it takes away your masculinity.  Knowing that I am aiding and abeting (is that the right expression) just makes it better!  The control and manipulation of getting you to break down and admit that you want to be faggots is what I really love!

Then I turn you girly sluts into actual cocksuckers!  My little gay bitch is the first to get the Cock Sucker Award, but there are a few more who will be mentioned in My next posts.  Keep up the good work, sluts.  Very soon you will all be My cock sucking, cum eating, pussy fucked, sissy sissy faggot bitches!

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