May 092008

In between calls tonight, I had fun making up a new financial domination pay-to-view (PTV) game. I get lots of financial pigs calling Me on My feminization lines, so I thought it was time I payed more attention to the specific financial domination fetish.

Financial domination is fun! It’s all about timing, and reeling in the money pig just right. Hee, hee. I love hearing about the weaknesses of the piggies and then using their weaknesses to fill up My bank account and to empty theirs.

They can be so completely pathetic! There is no way these pathetic money pigs will ever have any girl as hot as Me, and they know it! I LOVE to hear the way their voices tremble as I threaten to hang up and raise My rates for when they call back, or make them tribute Me and buy Me presents!

If you want to call My line for money pigs, click here, loser:

I can’t wait to break you.

Hee, hee, hee!

Princess Jewel

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