Dec 212008

I am abusing dumb ass again.  Haha.  This phone sex loser always cums back for more and more abuse.  He cums back each time knowing that I am going to take all his money and that he is going to wake up in the morning with a hang over, feeling like a sissy faggot idiot!

But, that ridiculous stick between his legs rules his world, so he just can’t help himself.  Loser boy is being especially pathetic tonight, ’cause he is really drunk.  It’s so funny, I keep telling him how I am going to fuck him over and that I am the phone sex Princess and he is the cock sucking loser.

I have been sending him pay to view mails while we are on the phone calling him a loser.  Haha.  I get him all excited about getting a special message from Me, make him pay $40 to open the mail, only to have it say ‘loser’ or something along those lines.  Dork!

A little while ago, he started getting sleepy, so I told him that I was going to sing him a lullaby and that he could put the phone down and let all his money drain out of his account into mine while he was asleep!

This is what I started singing:

♫ Lullaby and good night… I am gonna suck your account dry.

Lullaby and good night… I’m gonna take it all!  ♫

Hahaha!  And sure enough, it lulled dumb ass right to sleep.  In fact, I am writing this post while I hear his snoring cumming out of the phone.  Lol!  I mean, why waste time?  I can fuck dumb ass over twice at the same time.  That is what money pigs are for, isn’t it?

While he was still awake, I told him that financial domination and I are the gifts that keep on giving – lol.  After our call is over, he gets addicted and needs more and more of beautiful Me.  Plus, he wakes up feeling like a loser faggot fool.  But then he starts thinking about the call again, or has to cover up where the money went, and he gets all excited and begs to be My money slave loser boy all over again.

Well it seems that dumb ass has woken back up.  He probably tried to roll over and his stiff  little dicklet got in the way.  Haha.  Since I actually have to talk to him now, I am going to make him pay some more pay to view mails.

A little while later:

Well, we’re all finished up now.  I made the financial pig pay some more emails, or I threatened to talk to another customer who was waiting to be My faggot bitch.  Of course, dumb ass paid ( and yes, there was really a callback waiting for Me).

Then I made loser faggot into My good girl.  I told him just how I wanted him to suck My boyfriend’s cock while I held his head all the way down on it. And I kept whispering into his ear what a good girl he is and what a whore he is becoming.  Hahaha!  It didn’t take long until he creamed himself with a huge moan.  Loser.  ♫ Lullaby and good night, I am gonna suck his account dry… ♫

PS – I mentioned to dumb ass that I might make a special loser award just for him, and then password the blog post so that he can’t see it until he buys Me a lovely gift card (My stack of Christmas thank you gift cards is really piling up!).  But, it’s too late now, so he will have to wait and maybe I’ll put something up Sunday night.

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