Aug 282008

Phone Sex Operator:  It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!

Sometimes I just don’t know where you sissy faggots dream up ths stuff.  And then I think about it for a minute, and I realize (well, in this case at least) that I can dream up some damn good sissy faggot humiliation too!  Heh, heh.

I spoke to Sissy Tinker Bo Peep again tonight on NiteFlirt.  I have so much fun with My phone sex faggots – sometimes I can’t even believe the stuff you cum sluts will do for humiliation!  It’s just so fucking funny that you are all My little faggot slut puppets on a string.

Faggot Fairies Make Tinkerbell Toothpaste

So anyway, Tinker Fairy called Me tonight begging Me to let him fuck his fairy faggot fanny with a nice big cock.  I really put him through his paces tonight before he could earn his Tinkerbell Toothpaste.  The things I can get this sissy faggot to say are just unbelievable!

If you have been reading My blog on a regular basis (you aren’t squirting while you read without paying the Oops! fee are you?), you will understand why I made him say all these things.  I really can’t even imagine how completely humiliating it had to have been!

This sissy slut was flapping for cock, peeping and stroking and peepity flapping with his fairy fanny in the air.  It was hilarious.  Finally, I made him say a little spell – just like Tinkerbell.  “Sparkly Wings and Sparkly Teeth… I’m Squirting Tinkerbell Toothpaste!”  Hahahahaha!  Do I ever end a blog post about My Feminization Phone Sex without saying how much I love this!  Too funny!

ETA:  How could I have forgotten to add that he brushed his fairy teeth right away with the Tinkerbell Toothpaste he made – what a good girl.

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