Dec 202008

♫  Silver slut… silver slut… It’s Christmas time on NiteFlirt!  ♫   Hahaha!  I’m on a role with depraved ChristmaFaggot Cock Sucker Gets the Silver Slut Awards songs.  Right after I got cut off from Alice in Sissyland, I realized that I had a call back waiting for Me.  It was My red corseted slut.  He usually calls Me very late at night when he is drunk and craving cock – which is pretty often.  Lol.

So anyway, I was still cracking up from getting serenaded by My new version of the Five Days of Christmas.  You know that I had to make My faggot continue the song.  Haha!  But first, I put him through his paces.

I had him thinking about the kind of cock he wants in his faggot cock sucking mouth, how hard he wants to be fucked and how much warm, sticky cum he wants to be showered it.  When he got all worked up (which didn’t take long, of course), I taught him the song!

I have to say, this cock sucker picked up the song right away!  And he sang it pretty well too.  Lol.  ♫ FIVE GOLD – EN COCKS!!!! ♫  It was hilarious!  Then I told him to shove the dildo into his sissy faggot mouth and to start sucking it.

He really gets into it.  He licks and slurps like a sloppy wet cock whore.  Those of you who know Me, will know what cums next.  You KNOW I had to make him sing the song with the dildo in his mouth.  HAHAHA!

As he was singing while sucking the cock, I could tell he was getting closer and closer to cumming.  He was drooling and breathing hard on the cock in his mouth.  On top of all that, he was singing to Me.  ♫  Fibe bolen ocks… ♫  Or at least that’s about what it sounded like with that huge dildo in his sissy cock sucking mouth.  Lol!

It was very amusing!  Sissy faggot corset boy did a great job of amusing Me.  The only reason that he gets the Silver Slut Award instead of the Golden Cock is because he hung up while he was refilling his NiteFlirt phone sex account and I didn’t get to hear him cum while singing and slurping!  But if he continues to be a good girl, I will upgrade his award!

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