Aug 272008

Those of you sluts who call Me on a regular basis or read My blog know how much I love what I do.  Maybe a little too much!  Taking feminization phone sex calls on NiteFlirt has taught Me not only a LOT about men – but also a lot about My own sexuality.

And as most of you may have figured out – what I’ve learned is that I LOVE making men suck cock, or making them admit that they want to. Mmmmmm.  It gets Me SO HOT!

So tonight I looked into My NiteFlirt account, and I noticed that someone had listened to My Cock, Cock, COCK! recording.  When I checked to see who it was I realized that it was one of My callers who are real men.  We usually have a very fun and very nasty fantasy involving some little slut that I bring him, but tonight he listened to “Cock , Cock, COCK!

As soon as I saw who it was and realized that it wasn’t one of My silly little faggots, I got REALLY WET!  In fact, I was in the middle of writing him an email to tell him just that when My phone rang.  Guess who it was?!Cum Closer Cocksucker!

I have to say that I wasn’t exactly sure where to go with the phone sex call.  So, I started out slow and listened for his reaction.  And boy did I get one!  I made him My little cock sucking bitch.  He told Me how much he loved the idea of Me being in control and making him do something that he normally wouldn’t do.

Of course, I knew exactly what he meant!  I loved every minute of it.  I made him My bitch, My cocksucker and lots more.  I loved hearing his moans and groans as I stripped away his usual masculinity and made him My bitch.  When he finally exploded I thought he was going to hit the ceiling (hehehe!).

In fact, I was sooo turned on after we hung up that I had to indulge Myself.  I couldn’t help it – that call got Me too worked up.  I kept imagining making him My reluctant little cocksucking slut and I came so hard I thought I was going to hit the ceiling too!  Mmmmmmmm…!

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