Dec 202008

Ha,ha, ha!  All My sluts are begging for the Golden Cock Award!  I just got off the phone with Tinker Ballerina, and the cock sucker really wanted to earn a Golden Cock Award.  Hmmm… he has already done so many humiliating sissy faggots things that it gets harder to keep topping Myself.

Then, it came to Me.  Lol!!!  I had Alice in SissyLand sing Me a holiday song. Five Golden Cocks for MY Sissy Faggot This is how is goes:

♫  On the fifth day of Christmas, My Princess gave to Me… FIVE ♫ GOLD-EN ♫ COCKS!

Four pairs of panties, ♫

♫ Three jars of lube,

Two hairy balls… ♫

♫ And a BIG FAT COCK in my ass!!! ♫

OMG!  It was hilarious.  I had sissy boy on the floor, humping his ass on the side of the bed, singing My song over and over.  I couldn’t stop laughing at him.  Talk about a humiliation slut.

Then, I had him begging for a nice big cock between his legs for Christmas.  So sissy ballerina boy started begging for a big cock.  A real man’s cock.  Not a tiny and pathetic one like his.  In fact, his clitty dicklet is sooo small that I had him beg for an elf cock.  Haha.  I made him ask for an elf cock for Christmas ’cause an elf cock would be bigger than his pathetic clitty!

I was really laughing at this ridiculous sissy boy, but then we got disconnected.  🙁  I could hear him desperately trying to hear Me and trying to get Me back, but his cell phone must have cut out.  Poor little humiliated tiny-dicked bitch.  I was almost ready to let him cum, too.

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