Aug 232008

Is there something in the air?  Heh!  There must be, because not only did I turn this slut into a real cocksucker, but this gay little whore is ready to take the plunge too!  I have been training him over the last few months and working him up to this point.   How exciting!  He is going to make an appointment to meet someone from Craig’s List and finally live out his faggot fantasy.  All thanks to Me – his phonesex Princess Jewel!Make Me a Faggot Princess Jewel

There are so many aspects of fetish femininzation.  I have to say that I enjoy pretty much all of it!  Some of you want to be sissies, some want to be cock suckers, some want a hot young Princess like Me to force you to be a sissy sissy faggot and some of you just have cock fantasies.

Well, this sissy faggot wants the whole enchilada.  He wants to be gay for Me.  I made him describe exactly what he wants to happen when he meets up with his new friend.  Lol.  I loved hearing him describe how he wants to kiss him, feel his naked body pressed against him, suck his cock, take his cum and sooo much more.

His voice got more and more excited as I made him tell Me what he will say to this guy.  I loved hearing every minute of it.  With any luck at all, he will call Me on NiteFlirt while he is there so I can hear him suck his first cock and get his ass pussy fucked for the very first time.  If not, he will take a picture, or suck a big hard cock for Me on cam very soon!

What a good girl he is!

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