May 092008

Another one of My favorite little sissy boys called Me tonight. Miss S! He had such a fun fantasy. I think I took Miss S’s fantasy in kind of a different direction than he wanted, but he loved it anyway!

To make a long story short, we wore matching panties and I let him cum to work with Me – as My assistant. Hee, hee. Miss S assisted me, alright! My business partner and I put him to the best possible use. Sissy husbands just can’t satisfy their wives, so they have to have some sort of use other than licking and washing My dirty panties.

Miss S performed all office procedures perfectly! He showed My partner his pink panties with the hearts on them, and even his tiny little cock. And I showed Miss S what a real man’s cock looks like. Miss S was a perfect little fluffer boy and even got to watch Me get satisfied by a real cock.

There were lots of surprises along the way. And Miss S even got to finish himself off by humping the leather couch in the office!

So much fun – I love sissies!

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