Aug 212008

So I got this phone sex call tonight from one of My regulars.  I can hear right away that this loser faggot is REALLY worked up about something.  In fact, it wasn’t long at all before I figured out that this sissy humiliation addict had been planning this call all day!Naughty faggot loser gets punished

Anyway, this call was HILARIOUS!  I really can’t wait to post about it.  I think I have taken humiliation to a whole new level.  I had this sissy sissy fagot loser in the palm of My hands – as it turns out – even before he called his Princess Jewel.

Of course he told Me he is in love with Me and will do anything for Me.  Yeah, yeah… whatever… take a number.  He is just one of the many girly boys who tells Me that all the time.  BUT – tonight he didn’t totally put his money where his cocksucking mouth is.

So, this is his punishment.  You KNOW who you are.  And I know how BADLY you want your story published.  But you didn’t quite finish all of My commands.  So loser… click on the dancing peppers above and pay your punishment fine.  Then I will post your ridiculous faggot humiliation antics.

Oh… and loser, be sure to notice that those are HOT peppers waving at you!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

PS – Don’t forget to leave Me a comment here.  THEN pay the peppers, THEN I will post your ridiculous sissy sissy faggot humiliation story.

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