Dec 082008

Ha, ha!  This phone sex call was sooo funny.  I spoke to celery boy a couple of nights ago.  He amused Me so much that he is now the very first recipient of My new Silver Slut Award!  He almost got the Golden Cock Award, but fell just short of the mark.  I ‘ll explain why in a minute.

I love it when this submissive guy calls My NiteFlirt phone sex line.  I like the way he says “Yes… Princess” or “No… Princess” with just a little bit of hesitation.  It’s kinda’ like I have to pull cooperation of of him without him being 100% willing – even though we both know homw much he loves being My bitch!  It just adds to the mind fuck.  🙂

He always calls Me when he has house guests.  I think he really gets off on being My bitch when there are other people around who might catch him.  You know I just love that too.  So, I made him get down on his knees, where he belongs, pull his dicklet and balls out of his sweat pants and face the door while I tortured him. 

He was being reallllly quiet, ’cause some of his guests were still awake.  I love taking full advantage of that! I kept making him repeat things like “I’m jerking My pathetically small cock for you, Princess” each time, just a little louder.  Hehe. Submissive Bitch Boy Wins the Silver Slut Award!

He told Me that he would be calling Me the next day and so, of course, I had to make him save his cum.  The only thing he had around to cum in was a shot glass from the Ronald Reagan something or other, which was pretty funny!  So, I fucked with his head(s), made him stroke and stop and stroke and stop.  Finally, I told him that he could cum – only if he could cum on command.  The hot little bitch managed to squirt his submissive slut cum into the shot glass and set it aside so we could play with it the next day.

So, true to form, he called Me back an hour or so later.  Lol.  He always does.  He tries to go to sleep, but his little dicklet keeps him awake and longing for Me.  So, when he called back, I really had to torment him.  He BEGGED me to cum again, but this time, I wasn’t going to just let him.  Finally, he told Me that he would stick his toothbrush up his ass if I would let him cum.

How could I leave an offer like that on the table?  So… I made him prance down the hallway to the bathroom.  He had to go past all of his friend’s bedroom doors.  I just kept laughing in his ridiculous ear!  When horny bitch boy finally got into the bathroom, I made him stuff his toothbrush up his ass, then prance back down the hall.  It would have been hilarious if someone had woken up!

I kept tormenting him – I was having so much fun at his expense.  I love turning ‘men’ into subbie begging sluts with toothbrushes up their asses.  Hahaha!  I told him to use the end of the toothbrush to brush his ass hair, and to thank Me for not making him put the bristle part into his slut hole.

But – the best was yet to cum!  Since he shoved his toothbrush up his ass like a good little subbie slut, I held up My end of the bargain too.  I let him cum, but only if he howled!  It’s hard to explain just how funny it was to hear him howling while cumming, while trying to be quiet and not wake anyone up.  He sounded like a demented coyote or something!  So he squirted into his Presidential shot glass, like a good girl and set it aside for the next day.

We made an appointment for the next afternoon when he would be alone for a while.  But, silly Me.  I forgot.  He ALWAYS does this.  Calls Me once… calls Me back… says he will call the next day… but never calls the next day.  Lol.  So that is why howling celery boy doesn’t get the Golden Cock.  He did a very good job of amusing Me, though, so he gets the very first Silver Slut Award!

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