Aug 102008

You know who you are.  I helped Myself to several hundred dollars out of your wallet a couple of nights ago.  Dumb ass!

This guy is so pathetic.  He called Me again the other night.  As soon as I realized who it was, I knew I would be making a nice chunk of change in a very short period of time.  Of course, I was right.

It’s really so funny.  I kept hanging up on him and telling him to call Me back at double My rate per minute.  LMAO!  One time, I hung up on him and told him to call Me back at a higher rate, but I told him I wouldn’t take the call unless he left Me a nice BIG tribute!  He LOVES the way I say ‘cock’ (big surprise, faggot!) and so I told him that when he called Me back that if he didn’t leave Me a big fat tribute, I wouldn’t say the word ‘cock’ again.  HAHAHAHAHA!

What do you think happened?  Duh!  The little cocksucker drained his account right into Mine.  I love taking advantage of money pigs.  It’s just too ridiculous that these money slaves get soooo excited when I take all their money and abuse them.  But, what else would I do but abuse them?  Dumb ass, shrimp dicked, cock sucking loser bitches!

It really is fun though – getting these loser faggots to do such ridiculous things.  At one point, I had raised My rate and hung up on him.  When he called back, I told him to put the phone down and go watch tv while he was paying Me twice as much for doing nothing.  And he did!  ROFLMFAO!  What a dork.

Money Slaves Worship Phonesex Princess Jewel

So here you go dorky – a gift for you.  HAHAHAHA!

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  1. my mouth salivate when you show me your middle finger because I am a loser!I am a loser!I am a loser!I am a loser!I am a loser!I am a loser!I am a loser!………………….

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