Aug 102008

I spoke to My little sissy faggot in training again tonight.  He is cumming along very well!  I really enjoy it when he calls Me for sissy phone sex, because I can really wrap him around My pretty little finger.  It’s really hot for Me when I get him soooo hard for being a cock whore that he can’t contain himself anymore and he squirts his panties full of cum!

So anyway, this girly bitch knows that he needs to be a pretty sissy girly boy and that he needs big cock in his ass pussy and in his faggot mouth.  He told Me about his new rule:  NO masturbation unless there is a butt plug stretching out his ass pussy. Lol.

Then he told Me that he is getting closer and closer to sucking a REAL cock!  He has already figured out how to get a nice big cock to service as soon as he is ready.  It’s funny though – he told Me that he wants to get fucked in his ass pussy at the same time as when he sucks his first cock.  At first I was going to say that it might be too much for his first real cock.  I was thinking that maybe he should take it slow and really enjoy sucking his first cock like a good little faggot, and wait to get his pussy fucked until next time.

But then I realized exactly what he was thinking.  Hee, hee.  The little gay bitch knows that once he gets a real cock in his faggot hands and in his faggot mouth, he is going to need to be fucked in his gay ass pussy so bad that he won’t be able to resist.  Hee, hee – I think his training is going very well!

I love listening to his soft girly voice getting hotter and hotter as I tell him all about what is going to happen when he gets his first real cock.  I drove him crrrrrrazy tonight.  It was great!

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  8 Responses to “Sissy Cock Whore Training”

  1. I like the idea of the butt plug. It reminds me of what I’m good for and my true existence. I may take it up a notch. I suck cocks with a butt plug and when I go shopping for slut panties and slutwear I must wear a butt plug.

  2. No. You may only wear the plug while shopping for sissy slut wear. If you wear the plug while you are sucking like a faggot, your ass pussy won’t be open and ready for whoring.

  3. I went out and tanned this week. I wore a butt plug while laying out for a few hours . I wore a bikini top and bottom. Now I have severe tan lines so all can see. I have to go now to shave my body and boy clit.

  4. Who are you John? I don’t think we have spoken, have we?

  5. Princess Jewel
    We haven’t spoken. I searched for a blog this one and found you. I’m aguy pretending to be a man. I secret I have been sucking cock, eating cum and getting buttfucked. I need this humiliation to expose who and what I am.

  6. I didn’t think we had spoken. You certainly seem to be pathetic and ridiculous. I would love to continue to humiliate you. However, I am fairly certain that I don’t show up at your job requesting free goods or services. I absolutely love being a feminization phone sex operator on NiteFlirt, but I have to have to buy lots of new clothes, shoes, jewelry and anything else I want. So, be a good girl and make Me happy. There are plenty of ways to achieve that on My website. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, make one. Use any of My call buttons or links that I have posted here so that I get a nice big bonus. If you are a good little slut and show your appreciation, you MAY be rewarded by Me publishing your other comments.

  7. avatar

    I am a enfem sissy needing cock in all my holes! I need humiliation/exposure and drain all cocks dry of cum!

  8. Hehe – what a fag. Call Me and we’ll get ur holes filled!

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