Nov 292008

Have you ever heard of a penis plie?  Probably not, unless you are one of My silly humiliation sissy boys.  I was talking to Tinkerbell-Ballerina Boy the other night.  OMG!  I can get him to do absolutely anything for Me!

I’ll get to the ballet lesson in a minute, but first I have to write about his first bit of public humiliation!  It was really fun to push his buttons.  I knSissy Ballerina Makes Cum Toothpasteow that this sissy faggot is very nervous about anybody seeing him dressed up and prancing around in his girly stockings and slutty panties.  So, of course I had to exploit that!

Ballerina boy was on a business trip in a hotel, so it was the perfect opportunity to make him go out in the hall and prance around.  I loved it!  My little bitch boy was sooo scared.  First I made My sissy slut go out in the hall in his stockings and panties just for a couple of seconds.  Hearing him sneak out and hearing the fear of being caught in his sissy clothes was so funny!

Since Tinker-Ballerina was such a good little sissy whore, I rewarded him with a ballet lesson!  I had him doing all sorts of really humiliating things.  When I am finished with him there is absolutely no shred of masculinity left.  In fact, he BEGS Me for more and more sissy humiliation!

So anyway, that’s when I had him start to skip around the room saying “I’m a pee pee ballerina”.  Hahaha!  Then I changed it to “I’m a puny pee pee ballerina”!  I also made him jerk his tiny little cock with his toothbrush in his hand the whole time, ’cause we both knew where his sissy cum was going to wind up.

I made him do all sorts of humiliating sissy ballet poses and moves.  Last time I spoke to him, I made him pirouette with a cock in his sissy ass pussy, so this time I had to cum up with something new.  That’s when I told him to bend at the knees and do a deep knee bend, called a plie, and imagine sliding down on a nice big cock.  It was so funny.  I had him doing penis plies, pee pee plies and he was stroking that sissy clitty dick with his toothbrush in his hand the whole time.

Like I said, he BEGGED Me for more sissy humiliation.  So, of course, I had to make him cum in his own face.  And then it came to Me!  My sissy bitch was going to squirt ‘tutu toothpaste’ all over his face.  Then, he was going to use his toothbrush to wipe up the cum and brush his teeth with.

I kept telling sissy ballerina boy to make his tutu toothpaste and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The more I said tutu toothpaste, the more I cracked up.  And the more I cracked up, the closer he came to squirting his tutu toothpaste all over his face.

It was just too funny.  I just couldn’t help Myself and kept laughing at Tinkerbell-Ballerina bitch.  He got sooo worked up that it didn’t take long for him to squirt his tutu toothpaste all over his face!  Then, like a good little slut, he wiped it up with his toothbrush and brushed his teeth with his sissy cum tutu toothpaste!  Hahaha!  Sissies are so ridiculous.

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