Aug 072008

So I get this phone sex call a couple of nights ago from a guy who isn’t saying much.  It was kinda strange, cause I was asking him questions, but he really wasn’t answering.  I thought it was sort of weird, since I could hear the porn blasting in the background, so I knew he didn’t have to be quiet.  Sissy Faggots Love Cock

I asked him a few more questions and called him out on his silence.  Then, I realized what was going on.  Heh!  I asked him if he was ashamed of wanting cock.  I hit the nail right on the head, so to speak!  Well, once I knew that this little cock whore was ashamed and embarrassed about his sissiness, you KNOW I had to take advantage of it.

First of all, though, I wanted him to know that I love sissies and faggots!  Lots of guys ask Me if I hate cocksuckers and girly boys, but the truth is that I love them!  So, once he understood that, I also had to make sure that he knew that as a cock worshiper, he will never be a real man, nor will he be the kind of man a girl like Me would be romantically interested in.  He has to admit what he is, let go of the shame and accept being a silly little cock whore!

So then he relaxed a little and I could really get into his head.  It was great!  I had him totally in in the palm of My hand.  I made him say “I want cock” over and over for the very first time.  His trembling, tortured voice was amazing.  Making him face and admit his desire for cock for the first time was so unbelievably hot that I was squirming too.

He obeyed every one of My commands.  A couple of them I had to say more than once, though.  Like making him eat his own cum for the first time.  I just said “Slurp your cum off of your fingers” again, louder and more forcefully.  And he did it like a good bitch.

Then, I really had to go in for the kill!  I made him say “I am a cum eating bitch and I want cock” over and over.  I made him say lots of other things admitting how much he wanted cock too.  I told him that he was going to explode for cock and that he was going to explode harder and more intensely than ever before.

Lol.  I was SO right!  He could hardly breathe while he was creaming for cock.  And afterwards, all he could say for a while were things like “OMG!” and “that was amaaaazing!”  Heh, heh!  He left Me lots of stars and very good feedback (of course) and has called Me back since.  I will continue to explore his addiction to cock and make him the BEST little cock bitch!

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    Princess Jewel,

    You are so kind to Your sissies. If i were Your sissy, i’d do everything You commanded. You are just pure perfection and deserve to be worshipped and served by sissies like myself. i’m completely intoxicated by Your beauty and power.

    Submissively Yours,

    — sissy bobbie

  2. Who are you bobbie? Reveal yourself to Me and perhaps you will be a good enough sissy faggot to be My new slut.

  3. Princess, you know me better than I know myself. I try not to think about these things, but they keep entering my mind. Thank you for helping me see that I am who I am.

  4. Princess this guys sounds like me. I walk around pretending to be a real man. I have sucked cock and been butt fucked before telling myself it’s nothing. Princess you know the truth

  5. Nothing? Hahahaha! Being ass fucked and sucking cock is definitely not nothing! Faggot.

  6. Princess Jewel
    I went out whoreing last night. I went to local adult book store. I parked myself in the arcade booths. Put my clothes in a back pack and sat there with a cardboard sign that read ” faggot” “suck your cock or fuck my ass.”I was wearing black a garter belt stockings and thong panties. I was taken five times and wore the cum on my face all the way home.

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