May 072008

Hot Lips is one of My very devoted little faggot sluts. He calls Me and asks about My day – what I have been up to? When he least expects it, I tell him I am going to fuck him with a strap on cock. Hee, hee, hee. I love how it just stops him in his tracks and how all of a sudden his voice totally changes. He always tells Me that he knows his place and that he will be a good little cocksucker and sissy whore for Me. I love his devotion! He tells Me all the time how I own him and how he is Mine completely. Of course I own him!

But once, he called Me drunk as a skunk and tried to act like a real man! It was sooooo funny! We put a quick end to that, didn’t we, Hot Lips?!

Now he is My devoted little cocksucking and strap on slut!

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