Aug 022008

Sissies Love Phone Sex Fetish Princess JewelYou sluts make Me very happy when you follow My directions.  One of My good girls read My post about putting his love and adoration into words and wrote a wonderful tribute to his favorite phone sex Princess – ME!  As promised, here it is:


I love it when you make me pose and flounce like a cheap, cheap whore for your amusement – wearing my panties around my ankles, getting on all fours with my ass up and face down in front of the mirror so I have to watch myself and be humiliated with your giggling and laughter.

And I love it when you make me squirm against the rubber dildo with my panty-covered ass, teasing the cock like a professional slut, which you are slowly turning me into.

And I love it even more when you put me through the motions on my cocksucking – making sure I beg for it, in the most humiliating way possible, and then instructing me on how to do it exactly right, with all of the proper moans and words that an eager slut should always use.

I love the red lipstick streaks I leave on the cock for you.

And then I love it when you make me try to talk with the cock in my mouth, which always seems to send you into peals of laughter. And I love it when you make me slurp loudly and eagerly, because most of all I want to show you how badly I want to please you, entertain you, serve you.

You know I am helpless in the face of your will. I am your sissy, your slut, your whore, your pantyboy, your special bimbo, your streetwalker-in-preparation, and I will say it to you – and the world – again and again.

I hope I can continue to provide you with endless entertainment. I live for your laughs.

Your good girl.

I love sissy sluts!

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  1. There’s more where that came from. 😉

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