Jul 312008

Last night I spoke to one of My sluts who has been very naughty and hasn’t called Me in a long time. But at least I can say that this sissy slut has been putting his time to very good use!

I recognized his voice immediately, but although I knew it, it was different. It was much girlier! Lol. I told him that I was very pleased with this alone. But it turns out that he has been quite the girly boy. He is wearing panties every day, because he knows that his little clitty dick belongs in soft girly panties. He even said that he doesn’t want to wear icky boy underwear any more!

I wanted to make sure that he is keeping up with making his body more and more feminine, so I had to ask about his ass and his feet. He assured Me right away in his ridiculous girly voice that he keeps his ass soft and moisturized and that he gets pedicures to keep his sissy feet smooth and pretty. I told him he is to start painting his toenails pink for work. This way, he will have two secrets everyday – his panties and his pretty, pretty toenails.

But the funniest part was when I told him he needs to go on hormones or birth control pills. Ha, ha – he got soooo excited that he practically creamed his panties right away.

I asked him about a few other things before I really tormented him with the thought of being on hormones. I wanted to make sure he was keeping up with his sissy brainwashing videos and with his sissy magazines. He has cum such a long way from his icky male-ness. I am very proud. Hee, hee.

So then I had to torment him. I told him that if he goes on hormones or birth control pills, he will start to grow girly titties and a round girly ass and nice curvy girly hips. It was so funny, as soon as I mentioned him having girly titties, he started to lose control. I tormented him for a while longer, and finally let him cream his panties for the thought of having his very own sissy girly body.

It was so funny. You girly sluts really crack Me up. I love tormenting you, teasing you and turning you into pretty sissy girls. Then getting you to beg Me to allow you to act like cock whores is even better.

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