Jul 262008

OMFG!! That is what one of My slut slaves told Me tonight. Last time I spoke to him, I wanted him to fuck his wussy pussy with a nice big cucumber or with some fresh carrots. If you have been reading My blog, then you will immediately realize that this happened right after the “carrot incident“. The carrot thing was just so fucking funny that I was really on a roll with it. But unfortunately, this sissy slave only had celery, which is waaaaay too small, but had to do in a pinch. So, I made him fuck himself with the celery. Sissy slut fucks a stalk of celery

The strange thing is that I don’t remember it at all!! It’s very strange, ’cause you sluts know that I’m pretty good at remembering who you are and what I have done to you. Plus, I remember all sorts of other things things about this humiliation slave… but not the celery! I know I made him cum on the floor and lick it up and all sorts of other things – how could I forget him fucking his sissy pussy hole with celery??!!

So anyway, when the submissive sissy slut started telling Me all about what I made him do, he said something like “Well… you seemed to have had a fondness for vegetables”. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! I went into uncontrollable fits of laughter and giggling ’cause the way he phrased it was just sooooo funny.

Once I was able to control Myself, I was able to go about the business of humiliating him. Actually, I think My spontaneous laughter would have completed the job nicely. But, that wasn’t enough for Me.

I made this little humiliation whore get a pair of his girlfriend’s panties. He was such a good girl and actually brought Me back dirty ones. I loved making him stuff them in his mouth and slurp off her pussy and ass juice. I did all sorts of things to humiliate this slut. When I finally let him squirt he practically shot himself across the room he came so hard.

But the story doesn’t end there. This sissy slut is such a humiliation whore that he couldn’t sleep and called Me back a little later. He was already really on the edge and needed to cum badly. Lol – what more could I ask for?

I tormented and tortured him for quite a while. And I told him NOT to cum. I have to say it was really hot to torment him. I love being able to whip you sluts into a frenzy and to control you completely!

But the fun really was yet to cum. I made him stroke hard and fast… and harder and faster… and then… I made him STOP! Wow! The tortured moans that came out of his slutty little mouth were AMAZING!! He moaned from this extreme torture for as long as he moaned when he came the first time. I have never heard such torture in a voice as his orgasm was ripped away from him. I LOVED IT! I got so wet from hearing the torment in his voice and from knowing that I had ruined his orgasm.

Eventually, I did let the girly slut cum. And I left him with the thought that one day soon I am going to make him cum and cum and cum until it hurts. Then… I’ll make him cum once more!

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