Jul 252008

I just made a brand new recording on NiteFlirt for My little cock suckers! I know how much you all love to be NiteFlirt Phonesex Recording for Cock Suckersnasty cock sucking whores. So, I made a recording giving you very detailed instructions on how to suck a cock.

I mean, if you are a sissy, faggot or girly boy, why not try to be the best you can be? Listen to My voice purring in your ear – telling you exactly how I want you to suck cock for Me. This recording is eleven minutes long. Of course, you know that it ends with you getting a big mouth full of cum! But something tells Me that not too many of you are going to be able to make it it the end. Lol.

Try to hold out. You will love the entire recording. I just love turning sissy boys and faggots into hot little cock sucking whores! It gets Me so wet to watch you slobber and slurp over a nice big cock

You lucky little cock whores and faggot sluts can listen to My NiteFlirt recordings 24 hours a day. So, if I’m not logged on and you miss Me, or if you just need to be a nasty little girly whore, you can call any of My recorded listings at anytime! If you want to check out My other recorded phone sex feminization and humiliation listings, be a good girl and visit My FemDomAudio.com!

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