Jul 192008

For any of My little sissy faggots who don’t know – I have made a recorded listing of the Sissy Sissy Faggot song! If you have heard My phone greeting for My feminization phone sex listing on NiteFlirt, you know that I chant “You’re a Sissy Sissy Faggot” in a sing songy voice. Hee, hee.Sissy Sissy Faggot Recorded Phonesex Listing

Well, it has gotten so popular, that I made it into a recorded listing. It’s (Updated in 2018!). I chant and taunt you in My sing songy voice telling you that you are a “Sissy, sissy faggot… sissy sissy cock whore…” etc. To hear it, click here. It’s only $1.50 per minute.

So now you lucky little sissy sluts and cocksuckers can hear Me chanting in your ear 24 hours a day. Even if I am logged off, My recorded listings are always available. If you want to check out My other fetish phone sex recorded listings, visit My FemDomAudio.com!

Have fun, My little faggots, and let Me know how much you love My recordings!

Princess Jewel

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  5 Responses to “My Sissy Sissy Faggot Song”

  1. Hi Princess. I am a sissy faggot bitch who just loves to suck big black cocks. Especially when a girls watch. Having a big muscular black man grabbing the back of my head and fucking my face and a girl fucking my pussy with a strap-on. OOOH I going to cum.

  2. What a faggot. Now be a good girl and send Me a tribute.

  3. I am a sissy faggot!I am a sissy fagot!I am a sissy fagot!…..I want to entertain you and your lover singing this song while you laugh at me and show me your middle finger!you are my superiors and deserve to be served by a loser like me that pays for your date for you can be sexy for him and laugh at me!

  4. Hahahaha – what a pathetic sissy sissy faggot loser!

  5. avatar

    Oh my GOD, this song speaks to me. It’s like you could read my mind. I love it and when I listen to it? It almost makes my cry.

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