Jul 172008

Sissy Rick – what a loser! He called Me again tonight. What a pathetic wimp! He wants to be a humiliated little sissy maid, running around cleaning people’s houses wearing nothing but high heels! Ha, ha, ha!! If that wasn’t enough, he wants everyone to know what a loser he is.

Sissy sluts love high heels

It’s so funny to talk to him. I almost always wind up practically losing My voice from laughing at this loser wimp so hard. Usually, when he calls, I see if any of My girlfriends are on IM. But lately, I’ve been going into adult chat rooms with people from his state. Lol. It’s such a riot to hear him get more and more excited as I humiliate him more and more.

I love to give out his name in the chat rooms and tell everyone his phone number. He gets so scared. Well, dumb ass, then why did you give Me your full name and phone number?

This sissy bitch humps the floor while I laugh at him with the girls in the chat rooms. I warn them about what a wimpy girly loser he is. I don’t think he will ever get a date. Soon enough, the word will spread everywhere about how pathetic he is.

He had a great idea! He will serve by washing cars as a maid. Of course, I had to embellish it by having him dress in a really short French maids outfit with no panties. This way his tiny little dicklet and sissy ass will show. Hee, hee. Then, he will stick a rag up his sissy ass and shake it back and forth to wash the cars!

Ha, ha, ha! It’s so much fun to take all his money and laugh at him! Oh, and by the way, please spread the word about what a loser this guy is! Tell all your friends!

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    i think you should tell everyone who he is

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