May 072008

Spoke to one of My favorite customers tonight. He has a cream pie fantasy. Hee, Hee. I usually slide onto his face and surprise him with a cum filled pussy for him to slurp up, but tonight things were a little different! He told Me all about how he ate his first true cream pie. It was his own cum that he licked up the next morning, but, damn!, it was so hot listening to him tell Me all about it. Then I told him that I would have him come over after My boyfriend left and make him tell Me how much he wants to lick the cum out of My freshly fucked pussy. It got Me so worked up that I had to indulge Myself while we were talking. I took out My vibrator and came long and hard while we were talking about it. 🙂 In fact, after we hung up, I kept playing, thinking about our call and came even harder than the first time. Mmmmm!

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