Jul 162008

I love getting new sissy faggot slaves. It’s so hot to know that so many of you little girly whores need to serve Me and worship Me. But really, what else would you want to do but worship Me? I own this new sissy bitch completely.sissy faggot in red satin corset

This fggot slut is a big, tall athletic BITCH. Hee, hee. I love the thought of getting a ‘manly man’ all girlied up just for Me. He calls Me almost everyday dressed in his favorite red corset and thigh highs. It’s great to get him totally hard and drooling by tormenting him with cock and cum. Then, if I start to sing the Sissy, Sissy Faggot song, he goes practically over the edge!

I love to manipulate cock whores, girly bitches and sissy sluts. This big tough girly slut is totally OWNED! I control his clitty cock, his mind, his wallet and his soul! In fact, I own him so totally that he has just ordered his CB3000. I am so looking forward to keeping his pathetic cock locked up in chastity.

I can’t wait to hear him beg to touch himself while I torture him by calling him a cocksucker, a cum whore and a girly bitch. I love being in total control of sissy sluts. His begging and pleading to be let out of chastity or just to touch his little clitty dick will be music to My ears. It gets Me very hot and very wet to hear My sissy bitches beg. I really hope that UPS delivers quickly. I can’t wait to torment this sissy sissy faggot!

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