Oct 252008

I love to talk to My Cream Pie Guy.  He has such a sexy, growly voice and I just love to turn him on.  I love to create a scene where I cum visit him.  Of course, He doesn’t find out that My pussy or ass is full of cum until his tongue is all the way inside Me and he is telling Me I have the most delicious pussy he ever tasted!

We both get pretty fucking hot.  I just LOVE making his cream pie (and other) fantasies cum true.  But he always tells Me that he just can’t believe half of the stuff in My blog.  You know, not that he doesn’t think it is true, but rather that he can’t believe all the horny fucks that I talk to and their fantasies.  Lol.

Cream Pie Guy always tells Me that his fantasy is so much different from some of the humiliation and hard core feminization stories that I write about (all 100% true calls!), and tells Me how normal he is.  Well… um… ok…

We both love it when I tell him all about how I fucked My boyfriend just before cumming to see him.  And it gets us both hot when I tell him that I told My boyfriend exactly why I had to fuck him right at that moment – and that he had to pump Me full of a huge load of cum so that I can teach a bitch a lesson.

All perfectly normal, right?  😉

Then I make My Cream Pie loving bitch eat My hot sweat creamy pussy, and I add in all sorts of interesting variations along the way.  But, the minute I mention that My boyfriend has been watching us, and that I am going to make Cream Pie Guy clean My pussy juice off My boyfriend’s cock, he practically shoots himself across the room!

I LOVE this fantasy.  The thought of fucking some one just so I can feed the cum in My pussy to a drooling naughty bitch drives Me wild! And knowing that when he is on the edge of cumming, I can push him right over by feeding him a cock! I  But… normal?  Not so sure about that!  Lol.  We might just have to take it up a notch or two so that it is more appropriate for My blog.  Hehehe.

Cream Pie Guy knows how much I love making him explode.  I might just have to think up a couple of wrenches (but no lead pipes or candlesticks) to throw in to the fantasy!

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