Jul 102008

Ya’ know… I was going to take a break from blogging. I love playing with all My little sluts so much, but I can’t give all My secrets away, now can I? Hee, hee. But, My Tinker-Alice-Bo Peep-Heidi-Bell-In-Sissyland struck again and I just can’t resist.

Sissy Fairies Flap for Phonesex Fetish Princess Jewel

I just had the funniest call since I made My cuckold loser nibble on the carrot he was about to fuck his pussy with. I think I really topped Myself tonight. I was laughing so hard that I almost couldn’t control Myself. My little Tinkerbell tooth brusher was an absolute riot tonight.

My little Tinkerbell (aka Alice in Sissyland) called again tonight dressed once more in the Tinkerbell costume. Hee, hee. It’s a short little fairy dress with pretty little wings. I had so much fun with him tonight. I made him kneel down with his feet on the floor and his upper body laying face down on the bed. This way, his wings would be able to flap freely while he shoved a cock in his Tinkerbell ass pussy and humped the mattress with his little clitty cock. I made sure he could see himself in the mirror.

Then, I got inspired! You silly little sluts really do amuse and inspire Me. I just love tormenting you. So, I told him to hump the mattress while he fucked his ass pussy and to watch his Tinkerbell wings flap back and forth from the humping motion. I told him to really get his wings flappping – and to flap for cock.

This little slut is such a humiliation whore that I didn’t even have to ask. The next thing I heard was his quiet little girly voice say “I’m flapping for cock!” OMFG. I just cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing. This really got Tinker-fairy going, so he kept saying it. HAHAHAHAHA!

Soon enough, I had him “flapping and fucking”, “flying and flapping”, and “fucking his flying flapping fairy faggot fanny”! LMAO!!!! He kept telling Me how much he loves it when I laugh at him – I could really hear in his fairy faggot voice how excited he was. So, of course, I made him get his pillow so he could squirt into it. I told him to squirt onto his pillow, so he could sleep on the cum and to say “I’m flapping for cock” while he humped the bed, flapped his fairy wings and squirted all over his pillow.

It was soooo funny! And to top it all off, he thanked Me so much for humiliating him like that. OMFG – I love fairy faggots!… “I’m flapping for cock”… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂

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