Jul 062008

Well, I’ve been very busy tonight. I just finished up a nice loooong call with a little cocksucking bitch. He was so funny, he didn’t think I remembered him and tried to test Me. Lol. He thought I wouldn’t know his name, or what we talked about on our last call. I proved him wrong, of course, and he told Me he was glad because he wants to be My devoted faggot bitch.

First, I had to test him. I can’t just take any little wanna be cocksucker under My wing, now can I? I have to make sure they are dedicated sissy faggots and devoted to Me. And, most important, they have to understand that the only reason I will make them service cock is for My pleasure and amusement.You are a cock sucker

I have to say that his test went pretty well. He begged to be My cum covered bitch. I had him servicing some cocks, but that wasn’t enough for this faggot slut. He needed more and more and more cock. I dressed him up in a slutty little girly boy outfit and whored out his holes. He wound up with a reamed ass pussy and he was dripping with cum from so many different cocks.

He creamed his panties full of cum for Me (of course) and then begged to slurp it up. I really love it when you sissy faggots take it on your own and ask if you can eat your own cum. Ha, ha, ha. So he slurped it up and then wanted to chat with his Phone Sex Princess a little bit longer.

We had a nice chat and he told Me how much he enjoys being My sissy bitch panty boy. We weren’t talking for long, though, when he stared to get all worked up again. Hee, hee. He was telling Me about his real life cock servicing experiences and wound up getting hard as rock for Me again.

The best thing about this cock whore is that when he came the second time, he really wanted to slurp down his own cum. In fact, there was sooooo much cum that I let him milk out of his dicklet that he was able to gargle with it! Now that’s what I call a fun night with My faggots. I own a new and devoted faggot slut AND I heard not one but two sissies gargle with their own cum.

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  1. Have you ever set up an encounter for a sissy, for his mouth and ass to be used?

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