Jul 042008

I just had such a fun and hot call. It wasn’t the longest call I’ve ever had, but I really enjoyed driving this sissy crazy. There’s just something about driving you faggot sluts crazy that gets Me very wet. It’s so hot to know that I can get you worked up into such a frenzy over something that is soooo secret – so wrong. To put it scientifically – male on male fellatio. Or, as you’d much rather hear it, I’m sure – sissy faggot cocksucking!

I enjoyed this sissy so much because I could tell I had him in the palm of My hand. First, we talked about a little shopping he did for some pretty girly things. And he told Me about the pretty outfit he was wearing. I love a faggot in lingerie. He was wearing a great little sissy outfit – cami, thigh highs and panties. Phonesex Fetish Princess Jewel

So anyway, what I loved about this little sissy slut was really getting him going. He told Me how he had never fucked his ass pussy before. So we talked about starting with his finger and working up to bigger and better things from there. Funny though, we never got that far. It’s almost too bad, because I really want to hear him fuck himself for the first time.

Then, we started talking about him being all dressed up and getting his sissy pussy fucked by a real cock. He told Me about how he wants to be on his back, with his legs spread wide, and get fucked in his sissy ass pussy. Then I made the big mistake (Lol) of asking him if he wanted to taste the cock first. Well – duh! Of course he did.

So, I described the scene – very erotically. I could hear his little faggot voice quivering as I painted the picture. That’s the part that I really love – listening to My sissy bitches react to My stories and then using their weaknesses to build and build until they are begging to squirt. I had this little faggot slut FEELING the cock fucking his sissy mouth… He was TASTING the cock in his mouth…

Then, all of a sudden, I heard the “Ahhhrrggghhh…”. Hee, hee. Pretty little sissy bitch creamed his panties for Me (and for cock). I loved working him up into a little faggot frenzy and making him blow his sissy cum all over his panties! And of course, I made him promise to call Me soon so we can fuck his virgin pussy. 😉

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