Jul 022008

I have been having a great time with this faggot slut. He has called Me several times now, and I think his training is cumming along very well! I am training him to crave cock and cum. He called Me the other night with a pretty purple thong on. This little sissy faggot loves to be My nasty girly bitch. He begs and begs Me to fuck him. Sissy sluts Love Princess Jewel

And that’s when things get really funny too. First, I get him all horny by saying COCK over and over again. I tell him that he is a COCK sucker, COCK whore, COCK addict and lots more. Then, I make him repeat the names I call him. But, just saying them is NOT enough. He has to say them like he means them. COCK. I make him say the word COCK like it is his whole world – like there is nothing he wants more than COCK. Hee, hee. That gets him so worked up that there is nothing he won’t do.

Usually, I make him cream his panties for cock. Lol. I just love the way My little sissy sluts sound when they cream for cock. They are sooooo turned on by the thought of cock, plus they are kinda’ ashamed about being soooo turned on by cock, so they cream realllly hard.

Anyway, I told him to save his cum one night in a glass and to call Me the next day, prepared to play with it. That’s where the really fun part came in. He called Me the next day with a glass full of his own sissy cum. But, silly little sissy, he took it right from the refrigerator. What good is ice cold sissy cum? So, I made him warm it up for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

Now, I have to admit that I left the best part of this story for last. This sissy faggot doesn’t have a dildo to fuck himself with. I guess it’s because if he actually buys a cock to fuck his sissy pussy with, he’ll have to really admit how much he loves cock. So, he has to be creative. I thought hearing My loser bitch nibble on the carrot he was about to fuck himself with was funny, but this is right up there too!

He loves to fuck his little sissy faggot pussy with an empty plastic bottle. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! The best part is when the bottle crinkles and crushes as he fucks himself with it. It’s hilarious! OK, so I still haven’t really gotten to the point yet, but this is the best part. I made him pour his warmed cum into the bottle and then made him beg to stuff the bottle into his bitch hole. I also told him to make sure that the bottle stayed horizontal until I gave him permission to let his warm faggot cum run up into his pussy hole.

It was great. I made him stuff the bottle into his ass pussy, and listened to him fuck himself with it. It’s so funny to hear the bottle crinkling while he fucks himself. Once I got him really worked up, I told him to beg for the cum. He started begging right away for warm cum in his sissy pussy again and again. Finally, I let him tip the bottle up and the warm cum ran right into his little bitch pussy. He went crazy for the cum.

By that point, there was no doubt that he was like jelly in My pretty little hands. I made him keep the bottle in his ass and throw his legs over his head. Since he was so crazy for cum, I made him blow his sissy cum juice all over his little faggot face.

I loved it! Hearing him beg for the cum in his faggot hole, making him throw his legs over his head and beg to cum in his own face. I own this faggot. He will not be able to think of anything besides cock and My voice telling him he is My sissy faggot bitch!!

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    Princess you are in my head. You have me thinking about cock all day long. I keep hearing you call me “sissy sissy faggot” and my sissy stick starts to get hard. I will buy a dildo to use instead of a bottle. I guess I really do crave cock now and its all thanks to you. I can only hope to one day suck cock for you in person…

  2. You are such a good girl! Your training and brainwashing is cumming along very nicely. It will be very soon that you will say for real “I can’t take it anymore – I need to suck REAL COCK tonight” just like I have been training you to do on the phone.

    ETA: Don’t forget if you squirt while you read this you have to pay the OOPS! fine.

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    I did it Princess! I met a tranny on craigslist today. It was a mind blowing (and cock!!) experience. When I arrived at her door she invited me in and we went directly into her bedroom. She was wearing a cute sun dress with nothing on under it. I started to kiss her full firm tits. As I was doing this she slid her dress off and I could see the surprise she had for me. At that point I couldn’t help myself, so I dropped to my knees and took the cock into my mouth. It started to get harder and harder and my mouth was watering uncontrollably. As it grew and got hard she began to fuck my mouth. I gagged on it a few times because it was so big but I didn’t stop. After sucking it for a while she told me to drop my pants and bend over the edge of the bed. She proceeded to pound my man pussy hard and fast. I was in heaven. Well I guess she felt like I could take more so she pulled out a big 8 inch black dildo. I was not sure what she was doing until I felt her cock and the dildo in my man pussy at the same time! After pounding me like this for about ten minutes she made me turn over and lay down on my back. She than shoved both cocks back in my pussy….at this point I am on my back looking up at her big beautiful tits while I am being pounded like a little sissy faggot. She makes me stroke my self until I come all over my chest and stomach and she continues to pound me for about five more minutes than she pulls both cocks out and tells me to get on the ground on my knees. Her hard cock is right in front of my face and she begins to stroke it. After just a few strokes she shoots a big load of cum all over my face and body. She shoves her cock in mouth so I can clean it off and it was delicious!!!

  4. Good girl! Now call Me and tell Me all about it. I want to HEAR your voice quiver when you describe it to Me. I want to know exactly how you felt. I have turned you into a cock sucking faggot!

  5. I’m already a faggot..I love for Dominant Tops and Straight guys to 35 y.o. to fuck my mouth or my ass wide open..If in Waynesboro, Va area text or call xxx-xxx-xxxx and I’ll come to you and get you off right where you are..

  6. I met a granny her in her friend put there dick in me at one time it felt good

  7. I think you might mean ‘tranny’. Idiot.

  8. People dont always understand that when u are dressed all slutty an u know it wont be long until my black stud is shoving 12 inch dildo deep in my pussy.
    u will do anything he tells u too.
    cause he will fuck me with his huge black cock until ur begging him to cum in u.

  9. Princess jewel i can tell u from first eceperience i went into traing i was scared to.death I
    would let my my. mistress down. I lied to her bout my looks and my cock size. of course she
    found out right away. Of course she would tell me im never gonna make it.
    God gave me a tiny lil 2 inch pee pee an she would laugh at me. tell me that im pathict lil
    Sissy. black men areee far more superior. I would best serve to understand im here to
    all black men. from that night on i became a total black cock slut.

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