May 062008

Ring, ring, ring…

Caller: “Princess..?”

Me: “Yes?”

Caller: “I LOVE to eat cum! Especially mine…”

Me: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!”

I knew exactly who it was. This little cum eating faggot has a “mantra”. He loves to say it over and over again and beg for permission to play with his tiny little penis. No matter how many times I have heard it, it still cracks Me up every time. Each time he recites his mantra, I make him add a line. If he makes a mistake, or when he finishes each recital, I make him stop playing with his little clitty dick. The tortured “noooooooo….” that I hear each time is a riot! I just laugh when I hear it!

I love to control cocks. Especially tiny ones. I mean, what else are they good for, besides amusing Me? Hee, hee. Not only did he follow My instructions and stop rubbing his clitty dick each time he finished his mantra, he refilled his account so that he could come back and pay Me to hear him lick his cum off the coffee table! Ha, ha, ha! As he says, he is a “cum eating, pussy cleaning, loser, faggot”. I love controlling him completely and making him beg. Dork!

  4 Responses to “Cum Eating Girly Boy”

  1. Princess,
    i love to eat cum, especially mine, i make it i eat it every single time, im addicted to semen, why ANY semen would do, i love to lick up and swallow my own semen off the floor princess, do you know why? cuz im a cocksucking (insert princess giggle), cumeating (more giggling) cum addicted (princess laughing), loser (more giggling and agreeing and encouragment), sissy, (more giggling and encouragement) FAGGOT!!

  2. i left out an important line in my mantra, in between im addicted to semen and any semen will do, i say and im addicted to princess jewel, but i have to say my favorite part is telling her i lover her as i squirt my loser load and begin lapping it up

  3. very hot!! i luv to eat sperm too. mmmm, yummy. i would luv to eat serm with u) with a horny guy or @ a glory hole or just u and me. theres nothing like the sweet taste of a horny mans sperm. especially if he has a big, thick, gooey sperm of sweet SPERM! MMMM..

  4. ooops. i know i sound dum. i can’t help it though. i’m just a stupid sperm eating tgirl bitch)

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