Jun 202008

… Hearing one of My phonesex sluts nibble on the carrot he is about to fuck himself with… PRICELESS!!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! How hilarious! Last night, I told this loser slut that if he didn’t call Me tonight wearing panties with something to shove up his faggot ass, I was going to hang up on him and raise My rates. Since he had nothing to slide in his ass pussy last night, I made him use his thumb, and then use his other four fingers to wave to his former girlfriend and her real-man boyfriend. Hee, hee – how pathetic.

So he calls Me tonight and he’s all prepared – what a good girl! He was wearing pretty panties, and he didn’t have time to buy a dildo, so he had a nice fat carrot (which happened to be bigger than his little clitty cock – lol). I didn’t really believe that he had the carrot, though. So I made him thump it against the phone. Sounded pretty real. But I wanted proof.

There he was, all horny and drooling. I was already teasing him with the idea of his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend walking in on him in his panties with the carrot up his girly ass. He was really getting all worked up as I set the stage. But, again, I wanted proof of the carrot, or I was going to hang up on this pathetic sissy bitch and raise My rates.

Now, I admit, this is probably going to loose something in translation, but this was the funniest thing I have heard in AGES. I made My faggot slut take a bite out of the carrot he was about to fuck his bitch pussy with. Right away, I hear this little nibble, nibble, crunch, crunch on the carrot!!! I guess it was partially because it proved that this loser really did follow My orders and get something to fuck his ass pussy with. And I guess knowing for sure that it was a carrot was pretty damn funny. But the pathetic, submissive little nibble nibble, crunchity crunch cumming through the phone was hysterical!

I just couldn’t help Myself. I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop!! I just keep hearing it over and over. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! *Crunch, crunch* Omg! I’ve been laughing at this pathetic faggot all night. I actually felt kinda’ bad for laughing so uncontrollably. But, I don’t think My bitch minded too much.

I think the complete humiliation got his tiny dicklet very hard, ’cause almost as soon as I made him fuck his ass pussy with the carrot, he squirted! I was even going to have his former girlfriend smother his face again with her ass while her new boyfriend fucked his bitch hole hard and deep, but My little faggot slut was sooo worked up and humiliated that he squirted right away. Too funny – I love you humiliation sluts!! I’m still laughing!

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