May 162016
You Only Get Hard for Cock

My cock sucking training mp3, “You Only Get Hard For Cock” is designed to mind fuck you into never getting an erection for pussy again.

You’ll need a dildo, or just your imagination, to follow My instructions and suck cock like a faggot, as I brainwash you into only getting hard for cock.

Follow My faggot cock sucking training instructions exactly and listen to My mp3 over and over as you suck cock for Princess.

My mind fuck mp3 will take advantage of you at your weakest – when you have a cock in your mouth for Me – and train you to only get hard for cock, like a total fag.  You may never get a heterosexual erection again.


AUDIO EFFECTS: None. Only My erotic voice to weaken and arouse you.

7 minutes and 52 seconds of brainwashing, cock sucking training and manipulation.

Cock Sucking Training MP3

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